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Address and phone numbers

836 Taylor Street, NE
Washington, DC 20017

Office: 202-529-5378
Fax: 202-529-0704

Walking from Metro

The WCSC house is a 10-minute walk from the Brookland Metro stop on the red line:

  • After walking through the turnstiles at the Brookland station, take the right side exit.
  • Walk under the bridge, and at the intersection on the other side, turn left onto 10th Street.
  • Continue about 6 blocks on 10th Street until you reach Taylor.
  • Turn left on Taylor, and we are the second building on your right, with a dark red door on the upper level student entrance, and a white glass door on the lower-level office entrance.

Parking outside the city to use Metro

  • If you are “not a city driver”, we recommend parking at the Vienna/Fairfax-GMU Metro station (2900 Nutley St, Fairfax, VA 22031).
  • Since Vienna is on the orange line, you will need to transfer to the red line at the Metro Center station. At Metro Center, follow signs leading you to the upper level platform for the red line trains going toward Glenmont/Silver Spring.
  • Parking is $4.95 during the week (for daytime or overnight parking), and you can pay with credit card at this station, but cash is not accepted at any station. Parking at any station is free on weekends and holidays.
  • Metro fare to/from Vienna/Brookland stations is $3.85 during off-peak hours and $6.00 during rush hour: weekdays 5-9:30 a.m. and 3-7 p.m. (current rates as of 11/1/17)

Metro within DC

The Metro website will give you directions and prices within the DC metropolitan area

Flying into DC

Airport Advantage Cost Travel Time Directions to WCSC
Reagan National Most Convenient $2.45- $4.95 About 30 Minutes Follow signs in the airport for the Metro station, which is on the Yellow Line. Transfer to the Red Line at Gallery Place/Chinatown, and follow signs to the escalator that takes you to the Red Line train toward Glenmont.
BWI Airfare May Be Cheaper ~$10 About 70 Minutes From BWI Stop 1, take the B30 bus toward Greenbelt Station. In about 34 minutes, you’ll reach the Greenbelt Station, which is about 25 minutes from Brookland by Metro. You can also take BWI airport shuttle to the MARC/Amtrak train, purchase a ticket from the kiosk to Union station (tarins leave every 30-90minutes), then take the Red Line Metro to Brookland.
Dulles Familiar For Some Students ~$10 About 90-120 Minutes From the main terminal, take the 5A bus toward L’Enfant Plaza Station. Get off at the Rosslyn Station (about 40 minutes). It’s another 25 minutes from Rosslyn to Brookland by Metro.

Driving directions

From the Southwest:

Note about HOV-2 (high occupancy vehicle) restrictions on Route 66:

Incoming traffic on weekdays inside the Beltway on Route 66 between 6:30 and 9:00 am, all cars in all lanes must have two occupants or risk a $1000 fine. The same is true leaving the city between 4:00 and 6:30. Route 66 is definitely the best route inside the beltway as long as you have at least two people or if you are alone but not traveling with rush hour traffic. Your slower alternative (if you are alone) is taking Route 50 through Arlington County, VA. Google or Mapquest will automatically give you this route instead of Route 66.

Assuming you are in compliance with HOV restrictions above, take Interstate 81 to Route 66 East toward Washington. As you cross the Potomac River and enter the city, use the right lanes to come out on Constitution Avenue.

You will drive along the area of museums and monuments on Constitution Avenue for about 17 blocks. Turn left on 6th Street NW.

Take 6th Street NW north. You will turn right on Rhode Island Avenue just after the intersection of 6th and R streets.

Take Rhode Island Avenue in a northeast direction. You will notice that at first the numbered streets will decrease from 6th to 1st NW. After you cross North Capitol Street you will be in the NE part of the city and the streets will start again at 1st NE and will increase. Continue on Rhode Island until you turn left on 12th Street NE

Follow 12th Street NE in a northward direction until you reach Taylor Street. The street names here will usually have two syllables and usually be in alphabetical order. Continue on 12th and you will reach Taylor a few blocks after you cross Michigan Avenue.

Turn left on Taylor. Follow Taylor across the 10th Street intersection, then take an immediate right into the alley to reach the back entrance of the WCSC house at 836 Taylor Street NE.

See Parking at bottom of page

From the Northwest:

From Frederick Maryland take Route 270 South to Interstate 495 (The Washington Beltway). Take 495 East to Exit 31 Georgia Avenue.

Take Georgia Avenue south into DC for 3.9 miles and turn left on Missouri Ave. After about a dozen blocks turn right on North Capitol. Turn left at Fort Drive after almost 1 mile.

Jump down to the directions from North Capitol Street and Fort Drive Exit below.

From the Northeast:

Take Interstate 95 to Interstate 495 (the Washington Beltway)
Take 495 West to Exit 28, New Hampshire Avenue.

Take New Hampshire Ave south for 5.3 miles into DC. Turn left onto North Capitol Street. Turn left at Fort Drive after a little less than 1 mile.

Jump down to the directions from North Capitol Street and Fort Drive Exit below.

From the South

From the Beltway take 395 north (you may take express HOV-3 lanes during unrestricted hours, and also during restricted hours if there are three people in the car, otherwise use local lanes). After you cross the Potomac River stay right, to take the exit ramp for the 395 north tunnel right after the Maine Avenue Exit. Continue all the way through the tunnel to the termination of 395 at New York Avenue.

Turn right on New York and then take the second right onto M St following signs for North Capitol Street. After two blocks, turn left onto North Capitol.

Follow North Capitol for 2.8 miles and exit right at Fort Drive.

Jump down to the directions from North Capitol Street and Fort Drive Exit below.

From the East:

Take Route 50 East into DC. The first exit in DC is for Fort Lincoln/South Dakota Avenue. Take the South Dakota ramp.

Go about 2 miles north on South Dakota. Then turn left onto Taylor Street (this intersection is poorly marked, streets are in alphabetical order, the previous intersection is Shepherd on the left and 18th on the right.).
Proceed west on Taylor for 0.6 of a mile. The house is the second on the
right after you cross 10th Street NE.

From North Capitol Street and Fort Drive exit:

The Fort Drive exit puts you immediately on eastbound Harewood Road. You will continue straight for a few blocks on Harewood, but then you will come to a traffic light where Harewood turns to the right. Do not follow Harewood to the right, but instead continue straight ahead onto Taylor Street. The new house is on the left side of Taylor after the bridge over the metro tracks, the second-to-last building before 10th Street NE, with a dark red door on the upper-level student entrance, and a white glass door on the lower-level office entrance.

Parking at WCSC

You may unload behind the WCSC house, but do not park indefinitely in current resident parking spaces unless you have received authorization from the WCSC directors. Be sure not to double-park, as this will partially block the alley, and your car may be towed. Do not park in neighbors’ spaces across the alley.

It’s legal to park on Taylor Street on weekends, and up to 2 hours on weekdays, but if you part in front of the house, be sure not to park in the bus zone (look for the red, white, and blue bus stop sign). For longer unrestricted weekday parking, go north (left, if you are leaving the house) on 10th Street and park on Taussig Place (the first right off 10th.) Car theft and street crime occur on a rare occasion in our neighborhood. It’s best not to leave valuables visible in your car, and to avoid walking alone at night. We recommend that students invest in a steering wheel lock (such as The Club) if they plan to keep their car at WCSC all semester.

Lodging near WCSC

Staying at the WCSC Nelson Good House: Depending on availability, guests can be accommodated at WCSC for $15 per night per person (or free of charge up to 2 nights if staying with a current student in their room). Guests can stay in the multipurpose room on the lower level. There is a kitchenette and bathroom available, but while the multipurpose room does not get a lot of traffic, it is common space and therefore only semi-private. The futon can sleep 2, and we have several cots available for additional guests to sleep on the floor.

Hotels: A simple Google search will yield many options. The nearest accommodations are at the Brookland Inn. Those looking for an inexpensive option may stay at the International Guest House. A Google search will yield many area hotels. If you are looking at the least expensive of the hotel options, we would recommend those in College Park over the ones on New York Ave. In case you are attracted to the proximity of New York Ave hotels, this article may give some more information to help you decide.

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