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Student Life

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Eastern Mennonite University recognizes that the cost of a private education in the United States can present a challenge to international students. There are several ways to reduce this cost to a manageable amount, including applying for the international scholarship, seeking a sponsor or host family, and working on campus throughout the semester.

The following is an example of fees for the 2017-18 school year.

Tuition – $36,760
Student activity fee – $340
Room and meals – $11,160
Health insurance – $1,800 (waived if you provide your own insurance coverage)
Books and misc – $3,200
Total – $53,260

International scholarship

EMU offers international students the opportunity to apply for the international scholarship. To be given maximum scholarship consideration, students must be accepted to the university by March 1. The international scholarship discounts tuition up to a maximum of 50%. Housing, health insurance, travel and book costs are not discounted.

International student sponsors and host families

International students are encouraged to seek sponsorship through family members or organizations with which they are associated. Undergraduate students are generally required to live on campus. However, international students who have arranged to live with a host family may apply to live off campus. The university does not assist international students in finding sponsors or host families.

On-campus work

Students may also be given the opportunity to work on campus in a variety of roles. Government regulations limit international students to working on campus no more than 20 hours per week. The earnings of a student are typically enough to cover book costs and some miscellaneous expenses, but should not be relied on for tuition. A student can expect to earn no more than $750 a semester.