The Role of CoachLink Coaches

We are about relationships that build hope,
We believe in collaboration and partnership across campus,
We focus on the strengths and abilities
we know students have to grow in life,
And we are persistently empathic with our students.

Coaches can

  • support and guide you academically and socially as you navigate college life
  • help you be on the lookout for adjustments and difficulties you may encounter
  • work with your academic advisor or residence hall director (RD) if needed
  • respect your confidentiality listen, encourage and respect you
  • help you connect with campus services (like counseling, faith and spiritual life, tutoring, etc.)

Coaches can support and connect with you in all of these areas:

  • social
  • practical
  • physical
  • academic
  • emotional well being
  • spiritual

Coaches meet you where it works best… in the coffeehouse, taking a walk on campus, in the snack shop, etc. So CoachLink is really people connecting with people. You and your coach decide where and when to meet and how to communicate in between.

life coaching at college • fostering well being • helping you succeed

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