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Student Life

Publicity Policies

Student Organization Manual 
A Resource and Policy Guide for the New and Existing Student Organizations of
Eastern Mennonite University

Publicizing on the Web

  1. Before you plan an event check the EMU Web calendar to see what other events are planned for the same time period.
  2. Once your event is planned, immediately place it on the EMU Web Calendar so other groups do not schedule conflicting events. Your advisor or the Director of Student Programs will place events on the web calendar for you.
  3. Utilize social media and word of mouth to do additional event publicity.

Distribution of Petitions, Handbills, and Literature

A registered student organization may distribute literature on campus if the organization complies with the following guidelines:

  1. The literature identifies the name of the organization
  2. The literature is not a promotion for an off-campus business, organization, agency, national association, or charitable group
  3. The literature is not distributed by hawking, shouting, or accosting individuals
  4. The literature may not unreasonably obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  5. The literature may not be distributed in residence halls unless approval is given by the Area Coordinator or Resident Director

Registered student organizations, offices, and departments of the university community may place publicity on a variety of designated bulletin boards and locations. Publicity shall be defined as signs and fliers.

All organizations posting material must abide by the following policies:

  1. The name and contact information (email address/phone number) of the sponsoring organization must appear on publicity
  2. Publicity is not to exceed 11” by 17”. Personal announcements must not to exceed 4” by 6” cards.
  3. Organizations are permitted one publicity item per bulletin board.
  4. Publicity may be placed in the following locations: Campus Center – Stairwell bulletin boards; Residence Halls – Main entrance and first floor lounge bulletin boards; Cafeteria – lobby main bulletin board; Science Center – North and South bulletin boards in front and ground entrance; Library – the Circulation Desk will post materials for you; University Commons – Stairwells
  5. Permission to set-up tables, arrange displays, or hang banners in the Campus Center or any other area must be secured in advance from the Student Life Office
  6. Publicity may not be posted more than two weeks in advance and must be removed within 24 hours after the event. Otherwise, it may be removed.
  7. Publicity with adhesives which damage surfaces is prohibited. The cost of removal of this type of publicity will automatically be charged to the group who posted this publicity.
  8. Publicity is prohibited on entrance doors, walls, surface of walkways or streets, posts, trees and plants, trash cans, and benches.
  9. Publicity may not advertise, promote, or emphasize the use of alcohol through pictures or words.
  10. The university reserves the right to remove any publicity with indiscriminate literature, personal character assassination, foul language, or other offensive material.
  11. All improperly posted publicity is subject to removal. Violations of the posting policy are subject to review and disciplinary action may be taken against a student organization.
  12. Non-registered groups and off-campus groups must secure permission to post publicity from the Student Life Office. Advertising for commercial purposes is prohibited unless the product is deemed necessary to the purpose of the university.