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Facilities and Vehicle Use

Student Organization Manual 
A Resource and Policy Guide for the New and Existing Student Organizations of
Eastern Mennonite University

Reserving EMU Facilities

Agreement for use of EMU Facilities

  1. Furniture and equipment are expected to be returned to their original arrangement. All materials (i.e. decorations) and equipment shall be removed from the facility within an hour after the event has concluded.
  2. The physical plant is able to provide set up of tables and chairs if a minimum of ten working days’ notice is given. If adequate notice is given, there is no charge for set-up; however, unscheduled set-ups or changes either cannot be accommodated or there will be charges to the organization/department requesting the service.
  3. No individual may request the reservation of facilities for use by groups other than those for which he/she is an authorized representative.
  4. Misrepresentations by authorized representatives regarding facility reservations, or the failure of officers, members, or guests of organizations to observe the provisions of policies and regulations may subject an organization to denial of further requests for use of facilities.
  5. If a reserving organization determines that it will not require the use of a reserved facility, an authorized representative must promptly cancel the reservation of the facility.
  6. EMU reserves the right to terminate use of any facilities at any time prior to or during an event if it is determined that the organization is damaging facilities, endangering the safety of persons present, interfering with the processes of the university or infringing on the rights of others.
  7. Facilities authorized for use by an organization may not be transferred, assigned, or lent to another organization.
  8. The organization agrees to meet all publicity and posting guidelines.
  9. EMU will not be liable for any damage to furniture, fixtures, or any other property of the facilities by the organization or any other person.
  10. EMU has the right to enter any part of the premises for making repairs and to check if the organization is complying with the terms of the agreement.
  11. The organization agrees that admission to the facility shall be limited to the capacity of the event space as determined by EMU.

Facilities Available for Reservation

All reservations (except Common Grounds and other special exceptions noted below), can be made through the physical plant. Call ext. 4390 at least ten days previous to your event. Just because your group or advisor has placed an event on the web calendar, does not mean that the space has been reserved (room capacity indicated in parenthesis).

Locations that may be reserved:

Athletic Facilities- indoor Gym A,B and C courts; outdoor through the Athletic Department
Cafeteria Dining Rooms; South (16), East (32), West (54), reserve through Food Service Director
Campus Center- Greeting Hall, Brunk Maust lounge, Balcony, Thomas Plaza, Lehman Board Room 301-302(30) Strite Conference Room 105(50) Rooms 226(70), 229 (40), Rooms 201 (46), 203 (40), 350 (25)
Common Grounds (125)- reserve at
Discipleship Center (100)
Lehman Auditorium (875)
Library- Rooms 303 (30), 304 (40)
Park Cabin- Indoor (30) and outdoor area behind Park Cabin
Residence Hall Lounges (50)- Reserve through RD of the hall
Seminary- Rooms 109 (20), 123 (62), 202 (48), 203 (55), 204 (24), Martin Chapel (145), Fellowship and Gathering Areas (100)
Science Center- All classrooms, SC-106
University Commons- Rooms 124 (25), 173 (25), 209A (25), 211 (20), 212 (20), 201 (30), Group Exercise Room 262 (25) Reserve through Fitness Center

EMU Vehicle Use

The Physical Plant is responsible for coordinating vehicle usage. All vehicle keys are to be picked up and returned to the Physical Plant. The following are general rules and regulations governing the reservations and use of EMU vehicles:

  1. Vehicles will be reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis
  2. Vehicle drivers must be pre-certified through the Physical Plant
  3. The driver of a 12 person van must be 25 years of age and have five years of almost daily driving experience. For the cars and mini-vans the driver must be 19 years old
  4. Pick up vehicle keys and an EMU gas credit card at the Physical Plant. Fill vehicles with gas if you return with less than half a tank of gas. The card attached to the keys must be completed with the ending and total mileage before returning to Phys Plant
  5. Due to scheduling demands, vehicles and the keys must be returned by the specified time per the reservation. Vehicles must be returned to the
  6. Vehicle keys should be dropped in the slot on the door to the Physical Plant entrance whenever the vehicle is returned
  7. Vehicles must be returned clean and free of trash. Nothing should be stored on the roof of the vehicle when traveling
  8. When not needed, van reservations must be cancelled 24 hours in advance
  9. Student organizations must have an approved account number to use for charging the rental expenses
  10. Please report any problems with the vehicle to the Physical Plant as soon as possible. Do not make major purchases or repairs without Physical Plant approval. All accidents and traffic violations must be reported immediately