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Student Life

Financial, Fundraising and Funding Matters

Student Organization Manual 
A Resource and Policy Guide for the New and Existing Student Organizations of
Eastern Mennonite University

Financial Matters

Allocation of Student Fees:
Officially registered clubs and organizations may apply on an annual basis to receive funds from the comprehensive student fee budget. Requests for allocations are considered by the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Finance Committee, which is chaired by the SGA Treasurer. Regular members of this committee include the SGA Executive Officers, advised by the Vice President for Student Life.

The SGA Finance Committee conducts annual budget hearings in the spring of each year for the purpose of allocating funds for the following year. The recommendation of the committee is taken to the full SGASenate for preliminary approval and to the President’s Cabinet for final approval. The SGA Treasurer has the responsibility of reviewing monthly budget expenditures of the organizations to which it has given funding.


  1. Club or Organization has received official endorsement from SGA and the EMU President’s Cabinet and is registered with the Student Programs Office.
  2. Student group consists of two or more students and is not affiliated with an organization or approved by the SGA and registered with the Student Programs Office.


  1. All unallocated monies acquired from student fees will be placed in the SGA general account. Funds can be requested from this account throughout the year.
  2. Organizations that are not politically affiliated and that are registered through the Student Programs office will be considered for a funding request. Unregistered student groups and politically affiliated organizations will be considered for allocation of funds for a specific event that will benefit a large portion of the campus community.
  3. An organization or student group must request funds for programming/operating expenses by submitting an itemized budget proposal on the appropriate form (contact SGA).
  4. Equipment needs must be submitted as separate requests and are not to be included in the annual operating budget proposal.
  5. Requests for funding should be submitted in writing on the appropriate form to one of the SGAexecutive officers at least twenty-four hours prior to the date of review by SGA.
  6. A representative of the organization or student group must be present during the SGA’s review of the request.
  7. Organizations wishing to attend conferences of an academic nature that are related to their field of interest may apply for up to $500 from the SGA. An organization may receive more than $500 with the approval of 2/3 of SGA. Funding for these purposes is intended to complement fundraising efforts on the part of the applying organization and/or the individual contributions of its members. Organizations receiving assistance from SGA to attend a conference must host a forum or coffeehouse open to the entire campus to discuss the experience no more than one month later.
  8. Organizations directly related to specific academic majors (which tend to have exclusive membership) and student organization gifts or contributions to third-party charities or causes are not normally funded from the comprehensive student fees. Students’ fees are for use by students in the on campus co-curricular program only.

Funds allocated to student organizations from comprehensive fees must be retained in a Business Office account. Regular procedures for requesting the expenditure of institutional funds must be followed (See Business Office Procedures). Organizations are encouraged to consider various methods of funding including membership dues, co-sponsorships, user fees, gifts and contributions, and fundraising projects.


Sometimes student organizations are interested in sponsoring group activities but do not have the funds to cover the costs associated with the events. It is important to know the guidelines under which you must operate. The following information summarizes the Eastern Mennonite University’s fundraising policy:

  1. Any registered student organization, university department or other affiliated group can sponsor fundraisers on-campus, such as food/bake sales, candy-grams, etc. Merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs, jewelry, flowers, and posters are common sale items. In addition, the sale of a services, such as leaf raking, grass cutting, car washing, or cleaning services may be offered as a fundraising opportunity.
  2. All fundraising efforts by student groups must receive prior approval from the Director of Student Programs
  3. Solicitation by non-registered and off-campus groups is prohibited without permission from the Vice-President for Finance
  4. An itemized statement of funds received must be submitted to the Director of Student Programs immediately following the event
  5. A designated member of the organization must be present during any fundraising activities conducted by the organization
  6. No raffles, lotteries, 50/50 drawings, or other forms of gambling are permitted
  7. Fundraisers may not be conducted for private gain of individuals.
  8. All fundraisers that use the name of the university or any of its trademark symbols should be reviewed by the Director of Student Programs to ensure compliance with university regulations. Products that violate trademark or licensing regulations will not be approved for sale or distribution. Products in violation of copyright or trademark regulations may be confiscated.

Requesting Funds for Individual Events

Funds may be requested from SGA using the following link:

For additional information related to Business Office Procedures please view page by that title.