Campus Ministries Student Staff

Pastoral Assistants (PAs)

Pastoral assistants serve the EMU campus community in a variety of ministry leadership roles. PAs help plan and lead campus worship and facilitate gatherings that nurture spiritual growth and faith formation by encouraging reflection and engagement along with planning Spiritual Renewal Events.

PAs are undergraduate students who exhibit maturity of Christian faith, have experience in peer ministry, might have interest in ministry as a vocation or are discerning a call to ministry. PAs meet regularly with the campus pastor for mentoring and planning.

If interested in serving as a PA, complete this PA application form. The application deadline is the final day of February or until the positions are filled.

Ministry Assistants (MAs)

Ministry assistants are students who volunteer to help with various ministries on campus. They might lead or join weekly Bible studies, assist with ministry clubs like Celebration, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and Gospel Choir or develop their own ministries such as prayer, service, and relationship building wherever they are living.

Ministry leadership training will be provided in monthly Ministry Hub gatherings, a Ministry Leadership Retreat, and the spring semester "MA" class.

If interested in being an MA, complete this MA application form. 

Resources Available

Campus ministries provides resources for use by PAs and MAs and any others for Bible studies, small groups, events, and retreats. The books, games, DVDs and supplies are categorized and shelved according to subject and can be signed out from the Student Life Suite in University Commons.

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