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Faculty Services

Can Faculty members recommend resources for the library?

The library staff welcomes your suggestions. In fact, most library purchases begin as faculty recommendations. Each department is allocated a part of the library’s materials budget for periodicals, books, videos, and other materials. Hartzler Library wants to purchase materials students are expected to use. If your own academic research requires items not appropriate for student use, please use Interlibrary Loan.

How can I request the purchase of an item?

  • You can request items using GOBI3, a program supplied by YBP Library Services. Contact Audrey Shenk for information on how to access this program. It will require a user name and password which Audrey must set up. Here is some information about using GOBI3.
  • You can also request items using order cards supplied to you by the library. Please let us know if you need a supply of cards.
  • The library subscribes to Choice, current reviews for academic libraries. The reviews are available on 4 × 5 slips of paper and sent to department heads to distribute. If you would like us to purchase an item reviewed in Choice, please include your department, initials and the date on the slip and send these requests to Audrey.

How do I know when my request has been ordered?

All ordered items will display in Sadie, the online catalog. Once the order has been placed with the vendor, items will have a designation of ON-ORDER; when the item is received by the library, the status changes to INPROCESS. Newly received items appear on the New Acquisitions List. Every Tuesday morning emails are automatically sent notifying you of items you have requested that have arrived in the library within the last week.

INPROCESS materials are available for check out. You may contact Jennifer Ulrich about INPROCESSmaterials. Generally INPROCESS materials are available for use within 24 hours of a request. Newly processed materials are placed on the “New Book Shelf” on the main floor of the library. Items “checked out” to the New Book Shelf show up on the New Book Shelf List. These lists are updated weekly.

How does Interlibrary Loan work?

The library is able to borrow materials from other libraries when needed resources are not available at EMU. This service is available to EMU faculty, staff and students. Dawn Nyce can help you with specific questions about ILL.

Can Librarians help me teach my students how to do research?

Yes! Librarians are your partners in teaching your students how to locate, evaluate and use information. Some of this takes place as part of the core curriculum, but we find that most students need additional help with higher-level courses. Contact Stephanie Bush to arrange for instruction in your classes.

How can I put items on reserve so all my students have access to them?

Do you have required materials on your syllabus you want all students to read or view? The library can help facilitate circulation of these items by placing them on reserve behind the Main Desk. Please bring items you wish to place on reserve to the Main Desk and fill out the orange Hartzler Library Reserves slip.

Please be advised that reserve materials are arranged on the shelf by title and it is helpful if your syllabus reflects this arrangement. A wide variety of material types may be placed on reserve: books, videos, DVDs, and photocopies of articles or book chapters. Each individual article or chapter should be placed in a manila folder with your name and course name and number on the folder.

Are there restrictions on what I can put on reserve?

You are responsible to be in compliance with copyright law & guidelines when placing materials on reserve as well as when placing copyrighted material in courses on Blackboard. We provide you with a copyright guide to help you with copyright issues.

By using persistent or durable links to full-text articles in databases licensed by EMU, you are in greater compliance with copyright law than by making a digital copy and placing it in Blackboard. Most databases provide some type of persistent or durable link. EbscoHost databases provide a persistent link on each individual record. Links in EbscoHost include the EMU proxy server address for authentication. You may contact Jennifer Ulrich for more information or for help in linking to resources.

Materials are placed on reserve for one semester at a time, unless other arrangements are necessary. At the end of each semester materials are taken off reserve and any personal copies are returned to you via campus mail. For questions about Reserves contact Bonnie Bowser.