Testimonials for RN to BSN
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Student Testimonials

Healthcare is all about relationships. We believe healthcare education should be too. Our cohort model provides a supportive community whether you are online or in the classroom. 

Here is what our students are saying:

This course has stimulated me to grow as an individual and learn more about accepting the differences in other people we meet who may not share the same culture, values, or opinions that I do.
Cesar Velasco, RN, BSN | Graduate

I now have a new profound understanding of cultural practices and preferences. I have gained a better appreciation for equality in America, equality in healthcare, and ultimately impacting other cultures through effective, positive nursing care.
Rick Beverlin, RN, BSN | Graduate

I couldn't comprehend juggling a busy family life with two small boys, work, and school.  The professors at EMU make this easy to accomplish. They understand the reality of our busy lives and are 100% committed to helping their students succeed.  Being in a small cohort setting enables students to become close and support one another.  I have learned so much from the nurses in my cohort and consider all of them my close friends.
Leanne Livingston, RN, BSN | Graduate

I genuinely enjoyed my time in Cohort 55.  The tight-knit group that I attended class with helped to foster a sense of camaraderie and enhanced my learning experience. The instructors are very knowledgeable and treat us as fellow professionals. I am so glad I made the choice to further my education at EMU!
Heidi McKinsey, RN, BSN | Graduate

My experience with EMU's RN to BS in nursing program has been extraordinary.  Having the opportunity to share my journey with others who care provides encouragement and stability.  Thanks to EMU, my educational goals will be accomplished! 
Erika Hull, RN , BSN | Graduate

As a R.N. graduating in 1994 from H.A.C.C. and returning to college was daunting, but thanks to the supportive, caring staff at EMU, it has been a rewarding experience.  It is so refreshing attending a school that intertwines faith and nursing. The program has resuscitated my view of the nursing profession and is preparing me for a rewarding career in the evolving healthcare industry. 
Sue Wiglesworth, RN, BSN | Graduate

I wasn't sure how I would juggle being a mom, a wife, a full-time nurse, and a student. The instructors here at EMU want the students to succeed and provide an environment to do so.  I'm so happy I chose EMU!  
Daneen Breitenbach, RN, BSN | Graduate

I thoroughly enjoyed the RN-to-BS in Nursing program at EMU. My professors were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The cohort setting allowed me to meet and collaborate with other skilled RNs from different practice settings. I would highly recommend this program to any new or experienced RN.
Tonya Noll, RN, BSN | Graduate

While I began my studies with a sense of pride in being a nurse, that confidence grew as I learned more and spent time with the amazing professors and staff. The team at EMU embodied what I feel is the spirit of nursing – a call to a life of servant leadership.
Rebekah Johnson, RN, BSN | Graduate

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