Partnership with Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology (TSCT)

All credits from your AAS degree from Thaddeus Stevens will transfer to EMU's accelerated degree completion program in leadership and organizational management. 

Why the LOM at EMU Lancaster? 

  • LOM DiscountAll credits transfer from TSCT toward your bachelors of science degree
  • A bachelors of science in leadership and organizational management will prepare you for leadership positions in your work place. 
  • An accelerated degree means you can get a bachelors degree in just 16 months. 
  • You will only need to attend class one evening a week, allowing you to continue with work and family commitments. 

Finish what you started at Thaddeus Stevens 

Articulation Agreement

Upon successful completion of an AAS degree program at TSCT, applicants who meet all admission and application requirements will be guaranteed generous transfer of credits to the BS in Leadership and Organizational Management program at EMU at Lancaster.


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