Graduate Events and Webinars

At EMU, we learn to lead together. Our expert faculty will be your mentors as you explore your field through coursework, research, and internships. Check out some of our past events and webinars below. 

Welcome Peace and Justice

Webinar: EMS Let's Talk Tuesday presents "Welcoming the Stranger" with Dr. Amy Oden

During this webinar, we talk with Dr. Amy Oden about insights from church history and scripture on "Welcoming the Stranger." In this 1-hour session, Dr. Oden shares principles on hospitality. Then, in a discussion led by seminary professor Dr. David Evans, we discuss practical ways that the grace and welcoming embrace of the scriptures encourages communities to both receive and give.

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Counseling Techniques

Webinar: Restoring Resilience in the Classroom

During this webinar, Dr. Greg Czyszczon is our guide in exploring a relational approach to cultivating resilience in the school classroom. We will explore some of the "social brain" as well as provide a 'way of seeing' and a 'way of being' with difficult and confusing behaviors.

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Webinar: 3 Steps to Move Any Idea Forward

Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, business owner, leader or employee it is often hard to know what to do next when you have an idea.  This webinar will provide a simple 3 step framework to move any idea forward. You will hear first hand from entrepreneurs and creatives about how they used this framework.

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Webinar Speakers RJE ELL

Webinar: RJE Practices for English Language Learners

This webinar shares the Harrisonburg City Public Schools journey with a focus on English Language Learners and their unique needs and strengths. With its focus on dignity and worth, Restorative Justice in Education supports a safe learning environment where they can both learn English and thrive. 

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Webinar: Pedagogical Practices for RJ Educators

During this webinar, we discuss Pedagogical Practices for Restorative Justice Educators. We will focus on a more holistic approach to RJE that specifically examines the curricular and pedagogical decisions that educators make when adopting a restorative justice ethos. Hosted by: Dr. Kathy Evans and Dr. Cathy Smeltzer Erb.

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Webinar: Empowering Elementary Educators Through Restorative Justice Practices

Restorative Justice in Education (RJE) practices can be applied in practical ways in the elementary classroom or school setting. This webinar will explore the three tiers of RJE and take a look into real life elementary school scenarios to see how and where RJE practices can be used as an equitable response to student behavior and social emotional learning. Come take a walk with me!

Guest Speaker: Aundrea Smiley

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Webinar: Fostering Inclusion and Language Development through Bilingual Peer Conversation Groups

This webinar features insights from David Shenk’s experience leading a bilingual peer conversation group with Latinx adolescent newcomers and native English speakers.  Based on his recent action research study, David shares how the conversation group contributed to inclusion of newcomers in the school community, increased confidence in second language proficiency, enhanced cross-cultural understanding, and nurtured multi-ethnic peer relationships.

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Judy Mullet

Webinar: More with less through story: The bi-directional power of personal and societal narratives for healing and growing wisdom

This webinar features insights from EMU Professor Emerita of Psychology Judy Mullet’s review of the under-noticed power of story for peacebuilding, healing and relational justice. Narratives create, inspire, destroy and mend relationships, so why aren’t educators skilled as story listeners, collectors, designers, speakers, darkness disruptors and developers of peaceable communities? Judy shares her own life-shaping stories, and introduces narrative literacy practices for building relational capacity.

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