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Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Mission

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion works to develop and sustain a diverse and welcoming community of learning. It provides education and training on diversity and inclusion; proposes policies and supports practices that foster respect, equity, restorative justice, and dignity for every person. The committee creates spaces for multiple ideas, frameworks, and perspectives to facilitate innovative solutions to oppression, prejudices, and biases. It encourages the critique of dominant narratives and works to develop a campus culture that listens to and learns from counter-narratives. The committee’s work supports pedagogy, policies and practices that build empathy, develop social justice change agents, and strengthen EMU’s commitment to prepare students, faculty and staff to think, serve, and lead in a global context.

Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Members

  • Jackie Font-Guzmán, director, office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • patience kamau, associate director, office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Hannah Beck, student — Student Government Association
  • Ben Bergey, faculty  - Music Professor
  • Ani Beitzel, student — Black Student Alliance
  • Stefano Colafrancesci, faculty - Computer Science
  • Shannon Cooper, student — Student Government Association
  • Deanna Durham, faculty - Applied Social Sciences
  • Shannon W. Dycus,  staff - Dean of Students, Student Life
  • Kathy Evans - faculty - Education
  • Scott Eyre, staff —Graduate Recruiting & Professions
  • Amanda Gilbert, student —Black Student Alliance 
  • Adesola Johnson, student — Student Government Association
  • Ashley (Stick) Kishorn - staff, Field Hockey Coach
  • Katie Mansfield, staff- Lead STAR Trainer
  • Amelia Morrison, staff —Development
  • Lindsay Martin, staff —Development
  • Luke Litwiller, staff - Admissions Counselor
  • Rachel Roth Sawatzky, staff - Director of Student Programs
  • Tim Seidel, faculty - Applied Social Sciences
  • Wendell Shank, faculty - Instructor of Spanish 
  • Connor Suddick, student — Center for Justice & Peacebuilding
  • Celeste R Thomas - Director Multicultural Student Services, Senior Advisor to the President on DIversity and Inclusion, Student Athlete Advisor
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