EMU Fact Book

EMU Fact Book

In 2016, the institutional research team transitioned to an online, interactive fact book. The interactive tool allows for examination of the data to a level of detail not possible before. We invite you to explore, and we welcome your feedback, acknowledging in advance the possibility of anomalies in the data. Please contact us if you find odd or irregular data points and we will work to issue appropriate corrections. Additional sections on employees and university finances are under development. 

enrollment graphs


The enrollment section of the fact book presents overall university enrollment along with tools to explore gender, race/ethnicity, religion, geography, and programs of study. All enrollment statistics are presented as of the fall and spring semester 10th-day census and in terms of a full-year summary.

Enrollment Data

Outcomes graphs


The outcomes section of the fact book presents data on various outcomes of EMU’s academic programs, including student engagement & satisfaction (as captured by the National Survey of Student Engagement), recent grad employment, alumni attitudes, and alumni careers.

Outcomes Data

degrees charts and graphs


The degrees conferred section presents a 20-year history of degrees and certificates conferred to EMU graduates, overall and by program area. Report options support filtering to view degrees or certificates only.

Degrees data

faculty charts

Full-time Faculty

The full-time faculty section includes summary statistics for EMU's full-time faculty members by tenure status, rank and other key demographic variables.

Faculty data

retention graphs

Retention and Graduation

The retention and graduation section shows fall-to-fall retention of first year classes, as well as 4 and 6 year graduation rates. Report options also support comparing recent figures to various peer groups, as well as a general table of related rates since 2003.

Retention and Graduation data

SCHEV data graph

State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) Profile

The SCHEV Profile is published each year based on data that EMU submits. It provides information on admissions, enrollment, degrees conferred, retention & graduation rates, tuition, student debt, and wages for graduates living in Virginia.

Schev profile

screenshot of SCHEV program inventory

Degree and Certificate Program Inventory (SCHEV)

The Degree and Certificate Program Inventory is based on EMU’s current, official list of degree and certificate programs registered with the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

Degree and Certificate Program Inventory

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