Institutional Research

Institutional Research and Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness collects, analyzes, and reports data about the university to support decision-making, planning and effectiveness. The office coordinates and supports outcomes assessment efforts in all academic, educational support and administrative units of the university. We value and strive for accuracy, integrity and timeliness.

Annual Institutional Effectiveness Reports (AIER)

EMU’s AIER framework merges departmental assessment, end-of-the-year reporting and planning into one process with a clear focus on mission and improvement of programs and services.

Requesting a Survey Account

The institutional research and effectiveness office supports a wide variety of web-based surveys for the campus. If you are planning a survey, visit our Survey Guidelines and Resources. If your survey is for academic research purposes, be sure to also visit EMU’s Institutional Review Board website first!

Data and Reports

The IR&E Office publishes a variety of reports and data sets for the public, including the EMU Factbookand Common Data Set. We are currently in the process of updating and revising the various publicly available resources. EMU faculty and staff can access a variety of reports via the AIER folder on the Employee Info tab of myEMU

IR&E email:

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