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Men’s League Information

All needed documents can be obtained from this website.

  1. Team Sign Up: All teams that fully register (money, insurance and roster) will reserve their position in the league. If more than 34 teams sign up for the men’s league, a lottery drawing will take place following the meeting in order to complete the league structure. A lottery drawing will also take place if more than 14 teams sign up for the women’s league. Teams that are not chosen will be placed on a waiting list. They may be called upon to replace a team that does not function properly in the league.
  2. The minimum number of players per team is 11. The fee is $80 per player until April 27. After this date, there will be a $5 late fee. Register even earlier to insure that you will receive the requested size shirt.
  3. First Match: Team Captains will be called well in advance of their first match. Teams should arrive 1/2 hour before their scheduled game in order to complete registration. Captains will pay the entire registration fee, turn in a completed roster, and hand in an insurance form completed by each team member. All forms and money must be turned in simultaneously, not one at a time, in order to avoid confusion. Once all money and insurance has been received, teams will be outfitted with league jerseys. No team will be allowed to participate in an official match until each of the above requirements is met. Only Team Captains should be present at the registration table.
  4. At the midpoint of the year, a few selected teams may be switched to a different league. Example: An 0-8 team in division II, may be switched with an 8-0 team in division III.
  5. The midpoint of the year also marks the time when delinquent teams may be removed from the league. Any team acquiring more than 2 forfeits before the midpoint of the year will be removed in order to protect the integrity of the league.
  6. The top eight teams in each division will qualify for the playoffs. Teams that accumulate more than 2 forfeits will not be eligible for the playoffs. The playoffs are single elimination, and will be completed in one week’s time. (Teams with a large number of in season High School players will have an adjusted schedule in order to avoid forfeits.) The season is tentatively scheduled to end on July 9 . (Schedule is subject to change.)
  7. Schedules for the first half of the season will be provided to the team captains at their initial match. The second half of the season will be scheduled after it is determined if teams need to be eliminated or switched to different leagues. Team records and standings will be posted on a weekly basis beginning in mid June.
  8. Game balls will be provided by the league, but will not be available for warm ups.

Contact: Mitchell Leap, men’s league director