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Sportsmanlike conduct is expected from all players and coaches

  1. All NCAA rules apply unless altered or clarified below.
  2. Unlimited substitutions may be made only after the ball crosses the endline, a goal is scored, an injury occurs, or a yellow card is issued. Substitutions are made on the fly. Teams are encouraged to sub quickly, realizing that the game will not be stopped by the referee in order to complete the substitutions.
  3. Yellow cards will be issued to players handling themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner. A player who receives a yellow card must be substituted for and may return to the game at the next opportunity. If a player receives two yellow cards or a red card, their team will play a player short for the duration of the game. The offending player will also be suspended from the team’s next match. Accumulation of 2 cards (yellow or red) during the season will also result in a one game suspension. (Including 2 yellows received in separate games.) Any subsequent yellow or red cards will also result in a one game suspension. The league manager reserves the right to remove any player from the league who is viewed as a detriment to the safety and sportsmanship of the league. (The individual’s registration fee will not be reimbursed.)
  4. Unacceptable / abusive language as determined by the referee is grounds for a yellow card.
  5. Goalkeepers may not punt or drop kick. Throws must touch a player before crossing midfield. If the ball is released to the ground, the keeper must follow the rules of a field player. If this is violated, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect kick from the point where the ball crossed midfield.
  6. There will be no offside. Free kicks must be given 3 yards by all defenders.
  7. Throw-ins and intentional passes to the keeper (except when the head is used), cannot be played by the keeper’s hands. The penalty is an indirect kick at the spot of the violation.
  8. On a penalty kick players must be behind the ball and outside the penalty area.
  9. Kickoffs are indirect and may be played in any direction.
  10. All free kicks, with the exception of penalty kicks, are indirect.
  11. Slide tackling is prohibited. A free kick will be awarded and a yellow or red card may be issued at the referee’s discretion.
  12. Teams must have a minimum of six players to start a match. Both teams must be even.