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Shenandoah Valley Adult Soccer League

A Community Service Program of Eastern Mennonite University

The purpose of the Shenandoah Valley Adult Soccer League is to promote the sport of soccer by providing the opportunity to play organized soccer within the community. The Adult League provides a positive environment for competition while emphasizing good sportsmanship. The League attempts to provide growth in high school players by giving them the opportunity to play against more experienced players.

League Setup

  1. To be eligible to play, a player must have submitted their league fees, Assumption of Risk and Medical Information Form, and be familiar with the rules. Team captains are responsible to collect and submit the fees and forms for their team accept for individuals who register online. Rosters and team fees will be collected from the team captains before the start of their first match. Any team which fields a player who is not on their roster will be removed from the league, and the player, if a member of the league, will also be removed from the league. Players who are not a part of the league will not be permitted to play under any circumstances, including forfeit games.
  2. Captains are responsible to field only players who are listed on their official team roster.
  3. Current year SVASL t-shirts must be worn during all games or the player will not be allowed to participate. Switching shirts during the match will not be allowed. Goalkeepers should wear their SVASL shirt under his or her keeper jersey. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE! Captains, alert all of your players to this rule. Non-SVASL shirts, even if the same color, will not be allowed as game uniforms .
  4. Playing on more than one team is prohibited.
  5. Each team must have a minimum of 6 players to begin a match, with a maximum of 7 players on the field at any given time. A 5 minute grace period will be given before a forfeit is declared. Forfeits count as a 1-0 loss. If BOTH captains agree to playing with equal fewer numbers the game will be considered a legal contest. If both teams do not have enough players to field a contest, both teams will receive a loss. If a team is short handed , both teams must be even .
  6. Games will consist of two 25 minute halves with a 3 minute half time. No overtime will be played during the regular season.