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Women’s League Information

  1. Team Sign Up: All teams that fully register (money, med. form, and roster) will reserve their position in the league, with priority going to returning teams. If more than 14 teams sign up for the women’s league, a lottery drawing will take place following the meeting in order to complete the league structure. The teams that are not chosen will be placed on a waiting list. They may be called upon to replace a team that does not function properly in the league. Teams for the league may consist of 11 to 16 players, each over the age of 15.(see #12 for D1 exception)
  2. Players who are not a part of the league will not be permitted to play under any circumstances, including forfeit games. A non-registered player found playing in any official games will result in the immediate forfeiture of the game for that team.
  3. Only players are allowed on the field on game nights. Please ask your fans to stay off the turf (not just off the field) during game play.
  4. The minimum number of players per team is 11. The fee is $50 per player until May 4. After this date, there will be a $10 late fee. Register even earlier to insure that you will receive the requested size shirt. The maximum is 16 players.
  5. Players may not switch to a different team once the season has begun. Players who have played in any games will remain on the roster and cannot be replaced with different players. If a team begins the season without the maximum 16 players, additional players can be added into the empty spaces by turning in medical forms and entry fees.
  6. At the midpoint of the season, or for playoffs, teams may be switched to a different division if a team’s overall skill level warrants it. Division 1 contains higher skilled, experienced players. Division 3 is a more recreational division, containing teams with few players who have previous soccer experience. (i.e. travel, high school, or college.) Division 2 is the in-between division for teams who have more than a few experienced players, but who are not at division 1 level as a team. Due to low numbers of teams, division 2 and 3 teams will play against each other during the first 6 games. Any player who played on a college team in the last five years cannot play in division 2 or 3.
  7. Delinquent teams may be removed form the league at midseason. Any team acquiring more than 2 forfeits before the midpoint of the year may be removed in order to protect the integrity of the league.
  8. Schedules for the first six games will be posted at Team records and standings will be posted on a weekly basis beginning in mid June.
  9. All teams in good standing will be included in the playoffs.
  10. SVASL shirts cannot be altered with additional advertising.
  11. Game balls will be provided by the league, but will not be available for warm ups.
  12. Any players registered with false birthdays to avoid the age requirement will be removed from the league and will also forfeit the first year of true eligibility. Division 2/3 players must be 15 years old. Division 1 players can be 14 years old to insure that high school students can play with their h.s. teams. The age cut-off is the end of October to match school calendars.

Contact: Angela Leffel, women’s league director • (540) 478-5599 or