Luke Litwiller

EMU Admissions Counselor Luke LitwillerDirector of Undergraduate Admissions

Hometown: Berlin, OH

Hobbies: Quality time with friends/family, music composition, biking, reading, lifting, video games

Education: CJP ’23 earning MA in Transformational Leadership; EMU ’19 majored in Mathematics, minored in Music and Honors

Pronouns: he/him

Contact info: 540-432-4118,

Why I came to EMU

First, EMU’s location is incredible; it is in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley and near other awesome cities such as Charlottesville, Richmond, and D.C. I was also drawn to EMU because of its relational education style – I could tell from my meetings with professors that they would care deeply for me and challenge me to grow (and they continue to!). In addition, my campus visits to EMU revealed its unique aspirations for community-building and living into its Anabaptist core values of sustainability, service, peacebuilding, and cross-cultural engagement. I came to EMU because I wanted to be educated in a well-rounded way beyond my academics and I am so thankful I chose to enroll.

Why I love EMU

I love EMU because I believe that it is a learning community that truly prepares individuals to serve and lead in a global context. As a liberal-arts major at heart, I loved being able to craft my own academic engagement across math, music, philosophy, and peacebuilding. I also love EMU because it continues to deeply challenge me to better understand conflict, power-dynamics, and my own identities as we collectively work to make our world a better place for everyone. Now, as an admissions counselor, I also love EMU because I get to work alongside such amazing students as they choose to enroll at EMU and bring their wonderful gifts and leadership to this community. 

Anything else you should know about me?

I am definitely a person that cannot be easily put “in a box.” I really value learning new ways of thinking, doing, and living. Following my curiosity at EMU set me on a trajectory to engage intentionally and with integrity in the injustice, ambiguity, and profound beauty in the world. My experience also resulted in me acquiring two new identities: composer and storyteller. While I used to consider music composition just as a hobby, it has developed into an even greater passion at EMU since I have used it to help tell important stories. In addition to spending time writing music, I love being active through biking and lifting, playing video games, and reading. While I love being challenged in academic settings, I also have tons fun being playful and enjoying time with friends and family.

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