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Hannah Nichols-Murch

hannah nichols-murchCounselor for: Women’s Field Hockey; Women’s Soccer; Northern and North eastern Virginia; District of Columbia; Chesapeake and Virginia Beach counties; nursing transfers

Hometowns: Centerville, OH and Fredericksburg, VA

Hobbies: Camping, hiking and backpacking, horticulture, pickleball, cooking, and spending time with family/friends.

Education: EMU ’21, majored in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Elementary Edu. prek-6, minored in Business Administration

Pronouns: she/her

Contact info: 540-432-4145,

Why I appreciate EMU

I chose to move to Harrisonburg in 2016. Alongside this decision, I found myself running track and cross country, playing field hockey, and participating in an early elementary education program at Eastern Mennonite. During this transition I grappled with my own sense of belonging, being that I was in a new city, exploring new relationships, and far from what was comfortable. Now as an alum, I can reflect warmly on my time spent confiding in mentors/professors, traveling to the Middle East in the pursuit of understanding with a group of young adults (those of whom became close friends), and being a part of spaces where I felt able to question, expand, and explore. 

Anything else you should know about me

Three fun things:

  1. With a growing family, we are adopting rituals along the way. A favorite of ours is starting our morning slowly, with coffee at our side. I relish these moments – Moments where I can, without guilt, delve into unstructured conversations and sip on a cup-of-joe.
  2. Reading…I am a sponge and a science fiction novel is water. 
  3. The outdoors!! Given that my small family lives in a mini school bus, we have grown accustomed to spending our time wandering spaces outside of our home. I have an appreciation for wild things.


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