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Summer Course Offerings – 2017

Tuition: $350/credit hour
Audit, per credit hour: $100
Registration will be open March 13 – April 7

Registration Instructions

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Many courses meet EMU Core requirements. If applicable, courses will be indicate: CA Creative Arts, CC Cross-Cultural, CL Community Learning, HL History/Literature, NS Natural Science, and SB Social/Behavioral Science.

On-Site Courses

THR 180 – Acting One (3 SH)

Dates: May 3-16
Time: 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Instructor: H Vogel
Core: CA
This course serves as an introduction to the art and craft of acting for the stage. In this beginning study of acting, students will learn techniques to enhance creativity, unleash the imagination, free the body, and discover the voice. The course may culminate in a public performance.

CORE 201 – Life Wellness (2 SH)

Dates and Times: May 2 – May 11 (on campus); 5:30 – 8:00 pm (Tuesday – Thursday); May 12 – July 28 (online)
Instructor: C Overacker
This largely experiential course focuses on creation care and stewardship of the body in relation to doing justice, loving mercy, and walking humbly with God. Wellness is the joy of reaching God’s full potential for us in spirit, mind, and body. Stewardship of self is integrative and holistic. Life is dynamic; the well person is flexible, connected to reality, and resilient. Wellness reflects knowledge of personal responsibility, which is then observable in our values, beliefs, and behaviors. Wellness provides peace and strength to meet the challenges of life with dynamic vigor, as we become the persons God created us to be.

(Education students seeking PreK-3, PreK-6, SPED, or Health and Physical Education (PreK-12) licensure, and Kinesiology and Exercise Science Major, substitute HE 202 Health and Safety for CORE 201 Life Wellness.)

CORE 401 – Senior Seminar: The Elephant and the Rider (2 SH)

Dates: May 1- 12 
Time: 1-4 p.m.
Instructor: G A Herin
Where does our morality come from and how does it inform every aspect of our lives? Why, oh, why do people that we love and respect conclude completely different ideas about the world than we do? Why do Christians, people who are commanded to love others, have difficulty including them in their social circles? We will look through the lens of moral psychology and theology for the answers. We apply what we read by examining our own world view in comparison with others on religion, politics, culture, tribe, death and sex, among other things.

Online Courses

BIOL 242 – Nutrition (3 SH)

Start Date: May 31
Core: NS
Instructor: L Yoder
Each day we make choices about which foods to eat and where, how, and when we eat them. How do these choices affect our health? In this course we will examine the sources and functions of nutrients in the human diet. The basic principles of nutrition are applied to menu planning, evaluation of health information, examination of current controversial issues in nutrition, and reflection on our own nutrition.

ART 321 – Survey of Western Art (3 SH)

Start Date: May 1
Instructor: H Nelson
A survey approach to the history and appreciation of Western art that examines the ways in which religious, social, political and philosophical concepts have been expressed in art. As a Writing Intensive course, special emphasis will be put on good writing practice. All written work will be evaluated according to the EMU Writing Standards Rubric.

BIOL 161 – Food and Population (3 SH)

Start Date: May 1
Instructor: D Daneker
An examination of the biological and demographic aspects of the world food and population problems, including economic, political, ethical and theological contributions to the problems and solutions. Current international events that shape global food and population problems will also be addressed.

CMUS 114 – Appreciating Music Making (3 SH)

Start Date: May 1
Core: CA
Instructor: R Keebaugh
Focusing on experiential learning, this class introduces music from the insider’s perspective in order for students to explore creative processes involved in music making. Class content is organized topically, including notation systems, ensembles, composition, improvisation, music philosophies, film music, and music and worship from both Western and non-Western perspectives. Students will develop informed listening skills and cultivate an appreciation for the many contexts of music in our daily lives. Familiarity with music notation is not required.

MATH 140 – Elementary Statistics (3 SH)

Start Date: May 1
Instructor: D Showalter
This course provides an introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics as applied to understanding research. Topics include correlation, normal distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing. The spreadsheet program Excel is required and will be introduced and used throughout the course.

THR 320 – Theater & Justice (3 SH)

Start Dates: May 1 
Instructor: M Wood O’Sullivan
Theatre is one of many powerful tools used to address injustice in the world. In this course, students will research and analyze various theatre artists, dramatic literature, productions and theorists that use theatre as their medium for change in the world. Particular emphasis will be on identifying the actors and the stage that comprise the theatre of social and other online communities.

WRIT 150 – Speech-Exploring Voice in Vocation (2 SH)

Start Date: May 1
Instructor: A Jenkins 
This course will build on the skills developed in College Writing for Transitions; particularly quality of thought, organization of ideas, and rhetorical strategies. Although it is a course that provides foundational skills transferrable to all disciplines, we will explore voice in vocation through the lens of our major disciplines. The speech assignments in this course, then, will provide opportunities for you to explore your calling, while also helping you develop the skills for effective, audience-oriented communication. The online version of this course requires students to demonstrate digital competency and be capable of submitting videos of speeches given in front of a live audience.

Courses with arranged dates

Student is responsible to contact instructor to obtain permission to enroll and to arrange dates/times for the course. Completion is required by August 11, 2017 or as designated by the instructor and approved by the Registrar’s Office.

ART 399 – Art Internship (3 SH)

Instructor: C Gusler

ACTG 481 Internship (1-3 SH)

Core: CL Community Learning
Instructor: J Leaman

COMM 391 – Communication Internship (1-6 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: S Johnson

EDS 381 – Special Education PFE (2 SH)

Instructor: L Leaman
Fee: $55

EDS 462 – Student Teaching: Middle School/High School Exceptionalities (7 SH)

Instructor: L Leaman
Fee: $90

LING 460 – Practicum in TESOL (3 SH)

Core: CL and CC
Instructor: M Medley
Fee: $55

BUAD 481 Internship (1-3 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: J Leaman

PE 203 – Coaching Practicum (1-2 SH)

Instructor: R Mast

PE 210 – Sophomore Practicum – KES (1 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: C Overacker

PE 410 – Senior Internship – KES (4 SH)

Instructor: C Overacker

PXD 431 -Peacebuilding and Development Practicum (1-3 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: G Rhodes

PXD 431 – Peacebuilding and Development Practicum (1-3 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: T Jantzi

REC 211 – Sophomore Recreation Practicum – RLSP (1 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: S L Brownscombe

REC 411 – Senior Internship – RLSP (4 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: S L Brownscombe

SOWK 430 – Senior Practicum in Social Work (12 SH)

Instructor: M Pannell

SPAN 470 – Internship (1-3 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: C Snell Feikema

WRIT 340 – Kairos Place (1 SH)

Instructor: K Beachy

WRIT 470 – Internship (1-3 SH)

Core: CL
Instructor: V Dutcher

Cross-Cultural Seminars

Cross-Cultural Seminars usually fill up prior to the summer registration. See what we’re offering on our cross-cultural pages.

On-Site Lancaster (PA) Courses

These courses take place at EMU Lancaster campus in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

HIST 352 – History of Women (3 SH)

Dates and Time: Thursdays, May 4 – August 10, 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Instructor: S Wenger

ART 141 – Drawing (3 SH)

Dates and Time: Tuesday & Thursday, May 9 – June 15, 1:30pm– 4:30pm
Instructor: P Mollenkof

MATH 140: Elementary Statistics (3 SH)

Dates and Time: Wednesdays, May 3 – August 9, 6:00pm– 9:00pm
Instructor: E Kane

Registration Instructions

Graduate Summer Courses

Graduate programs at EMU also offer summer courses. See in programs with summer courses below.

Center for Justice and Peacebuilding
Eastern Mennonite Seminary
MA in Education

While every effort is made to insure that the information contained in this Schedule is correct, the university reserves the right to make changes in the courses offered and in other information contained herein. The university reserves the right to cancel courses or programs or to combine class sections when insufficient enrollment occurs.