Past Exhibitions

Seniors Faculty & Staff Alumni Visiting Artists

Past Senior Exhibitions

mykenzie art

Mykenzie Davis

DC in Parallax

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becca art

Becca Boone

Athletes in Motion

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anahi art

Anahi Ramirez

Broken Creatures

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veronica horst art

Veronica Horst

Stitched in Place

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kenzie gardner art

Kenzie Gardner

Brain Freeze

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painting of eyes

Molly Piwonka

Radical Love

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a side view of a tree next to someone's nose

Senior Gallery Spring 2022

The Earth on Our Backs - Asha Beck
Evolve - Alyssa Breidigan
Gels - Theo Yoder
Neon Noir - Zafri Yussoff

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circle of sparks in the dark

Senior Gallery Fall 2021

Phos Graphí - Jeremy Blain
Mátia - Philia Lienardy
THERE IS NO LINEAR - McKenzie VanHandel

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a woman's silhouette in the sunset through two small circles

Senior Gallery Spring 2021

Numinous - Katie Meza
Aerial Perspective - Jared Oyer
Selective Color Theory - Michaela Lane

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an old house in black and white

Senior Gallery Fall 2020

Relics - Christopher Runion
Ozymandias - Raviv Monahan
Duality - Mandy Puffenberger

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Past Faculty & Staff Exhibitions

wall sculpture

In Entropy

Anna Westfall's January 2024 exhibition.

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steel and glass sculptures

Steel and Glass Sculpture Exploration

Jerry Holsopple's fall 2022 exhibition.

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a spotted salamander

Vernal Pools: An Expanded Vision

Steven Johnson's spring 2021 exhibition.

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an oil and acrylic nature scene painting

Fall 2020 Faculty Show

Cyndi Gusler - Liminal
Jerry Holsopple - Vibrance and Silence
Steven David Johnson - Life in Vernal Pools
Justin Poole
Anna Westfall - Scope

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Past Alumni Exhibitions

painting of an ocean and rocks

Stuart Landis

Stuart Landis's spring 2024 exhibition.

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colorful image of a face

Death Bed Ambiguities

Derrick Chirinos's ('19) fall 2022 exhibition.

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a person holding a branch

When Tools Become Reality

Azariah "Ace" Cox's ('17) fall 2021 exhibition.

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children sit in a row


Lila Marks' ('18) and Stephanie Toth's ('16) fall 2020 exhibition.

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Past Visiting Artist Exhibitions

leaning stach of cardboard and paper with strings

The Solace of Silence

Dymphna de Wild's fall 2023 exhibition.

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colorful painting of animals

Processing Pulp

Suzanne Dittenber and Thomas Schram's fall 2023 exhibition.

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gallery art with students walking around

Living in the Land of Is

Tim Timmerman's fall 2023 exhibition.

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small blue cloud sculptures on the wall


Jon McMillan's spring 2022 exhibition.

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voices together gallery poster

Voices Together: A Celebration of Art and Music

Rachel Barahana, Anne Berry, Rachel Buller, Michelle Burkholder, Brenton Good, Meg Harder, Michelle Hofer, J. Tyler Klassen, SinJin Lee, Dona Park, Matthew Regier, and Gwen Stamm.

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colorful overlapping numbers

Seeing Beyond the Flames

Nicholas Silberg's fall 2021 exhibition.

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swirling green and white

Nature and Beyond

Robert Bersson's spring 2021 exhibition.

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