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Faith and Spiritual Life at EMU

Faith and Spiritual Life at EMU

How do people describe EMU?

  • Welcoming supportive community
  • Located close to places of natural beauty
  • Nurturing spaces for exploring faith and values  
  • Caring faculty and staff who mentor students

Community, Nature, Worship and Prayer

If your faith and spirituality are formed in the context of community, nature, worship and prayer, EMU is for you. We have:

  • weekly opportunities for Christian worship
  • conversation, Bible study and relational opportunities
  • interfaith learning spaces and outdoor adventures
  • prayer and meditation rooms available for your use

Active Faith

If your faith is nurtured through acts of service and compassion, or the passionate search for justice for the oppressed, EMU is for you. 

Student groups are involved in faithful service near and far. From cleaning up the local Blacks Run stream, to spring break service trips, to demonstrating against hate and violence in the world, EMU students show faith in action. Here are just a few student groups that foster active faith. 

Faith and Religious Exploration

Your college experience is a good time to explore what your faith means for your life today and in the future. We can help you explore by: 

  • We encourage interfaith understanding and dialogue
  • We welcome asking questions and voicing doubts
  • We mentor you to claim your values, passions and purpose
  • We encourage you to explore connecting across differences
  • We provide care through spiritual mentoring, pastoral care and counseling

Compassion Fund

The faith and spiritual life compassion fund helps students with emergency needs, such as the cost of travel related to the death or serious illness of a family member, medical/dental expenses, academic books, or expenses related to housing and work- or school-related transportation.

Donations can also be designated for addressing food insecurity needs through the FSI Free Food room at the link below.

Give today to the Compassion Fund

Office of Faith and Spiritual Life

The Office of Faith and Spiritual Life fosters relationships of hospitality, healing, and hope; encourages spiritual formation, active faith, and interfaith literacy; welcomes questions and doubts; and explores values and vocation, with EMU Mission, Vision, and Values and the Student Life Division purpose as foundations.

Learn more about how we fit with EMU's Mission, Vision and Values and the purpose of student life. 

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