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It is the mission of the EMU Recreational Sports Program, a division of Student Life, to administrate a modern program of individual and team activities at both a competitive and recreational level to members of the campus community. Our purpose is to provide a relaxed yet structured environment while creating opportunities for participants to exercise, have fun, develop skills, and build relationships. The intramural sports program will promote leadership, integrity, and lifelong fitness in the spirit of friendly competition.

Intramural participation is a privilege, not a right. All participants, officials, and student workers are indebted to each other, and will operate in a community of cooperation while upholding the highest standards of fair play and integrity. All players are expected to exercise good judgment in caring for the safety of others as well as themselves. Competitive play is expected however, a win-at-all-costs attitude will be strongly discouraged. Participants will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the values and mission of EMU.


  1. All EMU students, faculty, staff and their spouses are eligible to participate in the Recreational Sports program.
  2. Three varsity/ex-varsity players are allowed per roster. Two varsity/ex-varsity players are permitted on the field or court at a time. There shall be no varsity/ex-varsity players in B league.
  3. A player shall be considered ex-varsity if s/he has competed in at least one regular season competition at the college varsity level in a specific sport during the past five years. Participation at two-year colleges is considered varsity level.
  4. There will be no more than 3 A league players on a B league team and only two of those will be eligible to play at the same time.
  5. No A league players are eligible for a C league team.
  6. No varsity athletes may participate in the sport that most resembles their sport while their varsity sport is in season.
  7. To participate, a player must be on the team roster.
  8. To be eligible a new player must be added to the roster by 3 pm of the game day.

If any team is found guilty of any roster violations, that team will forfeit all games up unto that point and be ineligible for playoff competition.


  1. All intramural registrations must be completed online.
  2. Teams must be formed in accordance with the “Roster Guidelines and Procedures”. A captain should register the team before players are added.
  3. Individuals that cannot find a team on which to play may fill out an individual registration form. The Rec Sports Coordinator will attempt to place all individual registrations but there is no guarantee of placement.
  4. Players may not participate on more than one team in a league.
  5. New players may be added to a roster until the midpoint of the regular season. If players are not added by this deadline they absolutely may not participate.


  1. Submit online team registration and make sure all players know how to register.
  2. Represent your team by attending the mandatory captains’ meeting before the season begins. If you are not able to attend you may send another representative from your team.
  3. Failure to attend the captains’ meeting means that your team will not be able to compete in the upcoming season.
  4. Scheduling and other relevant issues will be discussed at this meeting so be prepared to share any concerns with the Rec Sports staff.
  5. It is the captain’s responsibility to communicate any information given at the captain’s meeting to his/her team members.
  6. Ensure that all team members have knowledge of and meet the eligibility requirements of the Rec Sports program.
  7. Ensure all team members have signed in at the beginning of each game.
  8. Team captains are the only team representative allowed to discuss rule interpretations and player eligibility with the Rec Sports staff.
  9. Educate and model the importance of sportsmanship to all players and spectators associated with your team.
  10. Work to create a safe and fun intramural experience for all.


  1. Protests, other than those concerning eligibility, shall be made at the time of the dispute and before play is resumed. The clock will be stopped during the discussion.
  2. The protest is first lodged with the official. If not settled, the Rec. Sports Staff on duty may be consulted. If still not satisfied, the Rec. Sports Coordinator will evaluate the protest.
  3. Both contestants and officials in charge shall be permitted to present their versions of the case before a decision is made.
  4. Protests concerning eligibility must be made within five days of the infraction.



  1. A scheduled contest will not be postponed without just cause. A contest may be postponed if inclement weather creates an unsafe environment for participants.
  2. Contests postponed due to inclement weather will be made up at the discretion of the Rec Sports Coordinator.


  1. Game time is forfeit time. Teams should prepare to be on site 15 minutes before the scheduled game time in order to sign in. There will be no warnings.
  2. Participants in individual sports or matches who are unable to contact their opponent must report to the Rec. Sports Office two days before the deadline for play. A forfeit will be declared if the match is not played by the designated deadline and the individual reporting to the Rec. Sports Office will be declared the winner. If neither person reports, both participants will be forfeited.
  3. Two forfeitures (failure to show) automatically eliminates a team from further competition in the sport in which the offenses were committed. All games previously played and all future games will be counted as wins for their opponents.


  1. The first team listed on the schedule will be the home team and wear white shirts. Gray shirts of any shade will not be permitted.
  2. There will be no new players added to a team beyond the mid-point of the season.
  3. A player will lose eligibility for the entire season if involved in a physical fight.
  4. Teams will be removed from a league if they receive two poor sportsmanship rating during any season.
  5. Once the game time has arrived teams must begin play if they have the required number of players. They are not allowed to wait for a full team.
  6. Misconduct on the field or threatening/intimidating of rec sports staff or opposing players will not be tolerated. One warning will be given, and the second is cause for dismissal.
  7. Anyone dismissed from a game must apply for re-instatement with the Coordinator of Rec. Sports before playing another contest.
  8. If a player participates in two different leagues within the same sport, s/he is not eligible for second t-shirt if both teams win the championship.
  9. Bloodborne Pathogen Policy – Any player who sustains an injury where bleeding or oozing occurs must leave the field. The bleeding must be stopped and the area completely covered before the individual is allowed to reenter the game. The Recreational Sports Staff person must clear the individual before s/he resumes play. If the uniform has become contaminated with blood, it must be changed before the player reenters the game.


  1. The Recreational Sports Office will supervise referees, umpires and judges for all team sports and other contests as needed. All officials must attend a clinic at the beginning of the year to review basic officiating procedures.
  2. All officials must attend the captain’s meeting to review rules specific to that sport. Those officials not attending the clinic or captain’s meeting will be paid at a reduced rate.
  3. If an official cannot make a scheduled game, s/he must find a replacement from the approved list and notify the Recreational Sports referee coordinator by noon of the day of competition.
  4. If an official misses a game without notifying the Recreational Sports Staff, s/he will be warned and put on probation. After a second missed game, it will be assumed that s/he no longer wants to participate in the program.
  5. Referees and Recreational Sports Staff reserve the right to dismiss players from the game site for disruptive conduct after adequate warning has been given.


Student Recreational Sports Supervisors are among the most important people in the Recreational Sports Program. They serve as assistants to the professional staff and make all final on-site decisions.
Additional duties include:

  1. Be at the assigned area at least 10 minutes prior to game time.
  2. Have all necessary equipment ready and on hand.
  3. Have a list of qualified officials to call upon in case an assigned official fails to show.
  4. Evaluate officials.
  5. Make note of any misconduct on the score sheet.
  6. Have a working knowledge of the rules.
  7. Collect all equipment and score sheets at the end of the contest.
  8. Tally forfeits.
  9. Publicize Recreational Sports.
  10. Assist in the administration of the program.
  11. Function as an appeals committee for students penalized for major violations.
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