Mission Statement

Towards academic success, holistic wellbeing, and social accountability, Student Life facilitates the growth of diverse and inclusive learning and living communities through resourcing, education, and shared experiences with all students.


In expressing and implementing this mission, the division strives to develop programs and activities that build on the following goals. Students will:

  • develop wellness in body, mind and spirit
  • demonstrate positive self-esteem
  • possess critical thinking and decision making skills
  • clarify values
  • engage in meaningful and healthy relationships
  • understand and appreciate racial and cultural diversity
  • demonstrate personal responsibility and integrity
  • develop leadership knowledge and skills
  • evidence Christian social responsibility and commitment to life-long service
  • demonstrate the ability to work independently and interdependently
  • understand and appreciate community living
  • explore career opportunities and life purposes

Departmental functions

  • To provide leadership for spiritual life and faith development programs through The Office of Faith and Spiritual Life.
  • To help crystallize and implement career goals for students, faculty, staff and alumni through Career Services.
  • To increase awareness of skills, insights and resources those promote good mental health, satisfying relationships and productive work and leisure activity through Counseling Services.
  • To promote students’ physical and emotional well being through the services of the Health Center.
  • To provide opportunities for integration of athletic skill and personal growth in leadership, teamwork and interpersonal relationships through Intercollegiate Athletics.
  • To foster and supports understanding of cultural differences while emphasizing our commonalities as God’s children in a challenging and diverse world community through Multicultural & International Student Services.
  • To provide a living environment where students interact and learn from each other and where educational opportunities complement academic programs through Housing and Residence Life.
  • To create a social climate outside the classroom for students to cultivate relationships & develop leadership skills through Student Activities and New Student Orientation.
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