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Life On-Campus

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Housing over breaks and holidays

First, a quick reminder that EMU requires undergraduate students under the age of 26 to live in the dorms, unless they live with relatives nearby. This policy can be found here. Living in the dorm is an important part of your cross cultural learning experience at EMU!

We're working to make holidays easier for international students who live in the dorms. As you probably know, the dorms close for Christmas break, Spring Break (March 3-March 11) and Summer (May 5-late August).

EMU encourages students to seek temporary housing during breaks with friends or family members. We believe there is value in getting away from campus and spending quality time with others away from the campus setting. DO NOT sign a long-term lease (contract) for an apartment just so you have a place to stay during a holiday.

We will make housing arrangements for students on a case-by-case basis who do not have an alternative for housing during breaks. Please keep in mind that the cafeteria is not open during breaks.

Summer housing for international students will be available in one of the theme houses on campus. Please contact if you need on-campus housing during a break.


At EMU, you will be responsible to do your own laundry. Most of the residence halls have laundry facilities on each floor. You are responsible to provide your own laundry soap, which can be purchased from any local grocery store or Wal-Mart. If you do not know how to use a washer or dryer, feel free to ask your Community Advisor, roommate or other student on your hall. Do not be embarrassed; it is not unusual for international students to have different appliances and facilities than are available here. If you live off-campus, you may not have laundry facilities available in your home. If not, you will be able to use a coin-operated laundry mat; the closest one is located about one block from school, off of Mt. Clinton Pike. If you do not live in the residence halls, you may not use the laundry facilities there.

Telephone use

If you live in the residence halls, you or your roommate will need to provide a telephone for your room. This will allow you to receive calls and check voicemail. You may make local (i.e., Harrisonburg ) telephone calls from the phone at no additional charge. At the beginning of your first year, you will receive a telephone code for use in making long distance calls, including overseas calls. Some students find it less expensive to purchase phone cards from various venders that can also be used for international phone calls. In either case, you will be responsible to pay your overseas phone charges as soon as they are accrued. You will receive a monthly statement from EMU indicating what your current charges are. Payments can be made at the Business Office.

Voice mail

Voice mail is a very common form of leaving a receiving message at EMU. Each telephone is equipped to accept voice mail, but you are responsible for the initial set-up, and for retrieving your messages. You will receive instructions about setting up the voice mail system at the same time that you obtain your telephone code and phone number. You are strongly encouraged to set this up as soon as possible and to check your message often. Faculty, advisors and friends all count on being able to leave you a message when you are not in your room and know that you will receive it within 24 hours.


Every student at EMU is automatically assigned an EMU email account. This email account is the most common form of mass communication at EMU, and it is also used on a daily basis to send personal message to you. You will receive your e-mail address and computer access code upon your arrival at EMU. Computers are available for your use in various computer labs throughout campus.

Even if you have a separate e-mail account, you are strongly advised to frequently check your EMU e-mail. If you have never used e-mail prior to coming to EMU, please speak with the ISA as soon as possible to obtain the training that you will need.

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