Health Care

EMU Health Center

EMU has a Health Center with regular walk-in hours located in the University Commons, second floor. The Health Center has a full-time nurse who can perform routine medical checks, refer patients to community services when necessary, provide supplies for colds or minor injuries, etc. A Doctor is also available in the Health Center by appointment. A fee is charged for a Doctor visit, for prescription medication and various other services, but most routine nursing services are free.

States law also mandates that everyone attending school in Virginia have certain vaccinations current. The Health Center is required to keep records in its office and if you cannot provide proof of all appropriate immunizations, the Health Center will provide them to you for a small fee. If you have not already done so before arriving at EMU, you should complete the correct form and schedule a time for any necessary vaccinations as part of your orientation and registration.

Health Insurance

All international students are required to have health insurance. J-1 visitors are required by U.S. law to obtain health insurance for themselves and any accompanying family member for the duration of their stay in the United States. Failure to maintain this insurance is a violation of your immigration status and could result in deportation. Although it is not yet a U.S. legal requirement for F-1 visa holders to maintain health insurance, it is an EMU requirement, and failure to maintain insurance could result in your inability to register for classes.

If you are able to obtain insurance in your home country that will cover you while a student as EMU, you must bring proof of that insurance with you and complete a Waiver Card for the insurance that EMUstudents are offered. If you cannot provide proof of other insurance, or the insurance you carry does not cover the minimum requirement by U.S. law, you must complete the application and purchase insurance offered to EMU students no later than the date of registration for classes. The cost of this insurance will be around $900 per year (for an individual) and it must be renewed each year prior to the start of fall classes.

Since the US health care system is both complicated and expensive, a session during orientation will be offered to provide an overview of the US health care system. The EMU health insurance policy will be explained and suggestions will be given to keeping health costs at a minimum.

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