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Elaine A. Heath, PHD
Augsburger Lecture Series

Elaine A. Heath, Augsburger Lecture speakerElaine A. Heath, PhD is an author, speaker, consultant and president of Neighborhood Seminary

November 20-21, 2019

About Dr. Heath

Throughout my adult life I have wanted to integrate theoretical work with practical ministry. Thus my work is interdisciplinary, weaving together the study of Scripture, theology, and Christian spirituality in ways that help the church to reach beyond its walls and into the community. I am especially interested in helping the church become a vessel of God’s healing, transforming love in local neighborhoods. Our world is rapidly changing, and now more than ever we need to equip ordinary Christians to be an extraordinary blessing wherever they have influence—at work, school, in the neighborhood where they live, and activities of everyday life. We also need to “take church to the people,” forming small faith communities in many places. Much of my research and on the ground experimental work has focused on developing new micro-communities of faith including missional house churches, residential intentional communities, and repurposing church property so that it becomes a resource for community development. I care deeply about the church’s call to find Jesus among “the least of these.”

The Augsburger Lectureship provides resources to annually bring to campus a noted lecturer to address pertinent topics in the area of Christian evangelism and mission for the stimulation and development of a vision for evangelism and missions for the students, faculty and staff of EMU.


Wednesday, November 20

10:10-11 a.m. - EMU convocation: Reclaiming Apostolic Soul 

7-8:30 p.m. - Is There Good News for a World in Trauma? 

Thursday, November 21

11 a.m. - Seminary chapel: Wilderness Credentials

In addition, on Wednesday will be several, special events for pastors sponsored by Virginia Mennonite Conference.  Please register for the Pastor's Day events on the VMC website.   

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