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Community Day:

Cultivating Authentic Community

February 14, 2020
8:30am - 3:30pm
Martin Chapel, Seminary Building at EMU

Join us for an engaging training and workshop series that aims to enhance your facilitation, peacebuilding and organizational tools for your work in the community.

Short trainings offered in workshop format will serve as an introduction to several courses that will be offered at the 2020 Summer Peacebuilding Institute.

SPI Community Day is modeled after the Summer Peacebuilding Institute which is held on campus every May and June.

Community Day Schedule. Click to download.Registration

Registration* is $60 and includes coffee and pastries, a catered lunch, and a waiver for the $50 Summer Peacebuilding Institute application fee. Students only pay $25; space is limited.

  • Two 90 minute workshop sessions
  • Morning coffee and pastries (sponsored by Everence)
  • Catered lunch presentation by a community leader
  • Waiver code for the $50 SPI application fee
  • A copy of a Little Book of Justice and Peacebuilding

*Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.

Plenary Speakers

Morning Plenary

Dr. Frank Dukes, Distinguished Fellow, Institute for Environmental Negotiation, UVA

Community-building through Memorialization: The Memorial to Enslaved Laborers at the University of Virginia. Dr. Dukes will share the story of how efforts to hold the University of Virginia accountable for its legacy of slavery, segregation, and ongoing racial disparities have led to a remarkable story of community change and healing through community-engaged design of the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers.

Lunchtime Plenary

Kenneth Branham, Tribal Chief for the Monacan Nation

Chief Kenneth will share with us about the Monacan Nation, their long-term struggle for federal recognition, and what they're hoping to accomplish in the future. 


A variety of workshops will be provided during morning and afternoon sessions. Participants will be able to sign up for their desired workshop/s during check-in the morning of the event. Space is limited for each workshop and sign-up for the workshops is first-come, first-served. 

Circle Processes in Schools

Instructor: Kathy Evans

During this 90-minute interactive workshop, participants will experience and learn about Circle Processes in schools, including Circles for building community, instruction, problem solving, resolving conflict, and repairing harm.

Practicing What We Preach: Personal Formation as Peacebuilding Practice

Instructor: Gloria Rhodes

As individuals working for peace, social justice, and the reduction of violence, we are the instrument of the work. What does this mean for how we engage and address the harms caused by conflict and injustice? What does this mean for our work in building peace?  In this workshop we will consider what it means to practice what we preach in peacebuilding by looking at four areas of personal awareness and accountability.  Attending to these helps us not only to be more effective in our action efforts but to reduce potential harm to self and others, ultimately bringing more peace to our personal and professional relationships.  Come to learn and to share.

Social Media Roles in Fueling Extremism

Instructor: Lisa Schirch

This seminar explores how social media technologies are profoundly reshaping the world and increasing the spread of violent extremism. Participants will learn a model for understanding the impact of technology on community safety, and what we each can do to respond online to digital disinformation, hate speech, and polarizing comments. Participants will learn skills for “digital peacebuilding”.

Transforming Community Spaces: The Six Elements of Equitable Collaboration

Instructor: Frank Dukes

This workshop will introduce participants to the six elements of equitable collaboration and will include an exercise in how those elements might apply to their own communities and institutions. Equitable collaboration is trauma-informed, inclusive, responsive, truth-seeking, deliberative, and adaptive.

Embodying Resilience, Reigniting Creativity

Instructor: Katie Mansfield

Are you working to cultivate health amidst pain and adversity? Do you love the idea of resilience, but struggle to embody healthy power amidst vulnerability and uncertainty? Do you believe in the power of creativity, but often feel your creative juices are drained by the enormity of the violence and injustice we are working to transform? This class invites you to remember the fundamental importance of a) noticing and honoring our physical and emotional state(s) and b) engaging in movement, playfulness, and creative action to build (and revive) healthy power, individually and collectively.

Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resiliency

Instructor: TBD

Trauma can occur when we face circumstances that we cannot control and that fully overwhelm us like a hurricane or an abusive incident.  STAR (Strategies for Trauma Awareness and Resilience) teaches us about what Trauma is, what Trauma does, and what can be done to help ourselves and others recover from Traumatic events or conditions.  Come and get a taste of the STAR learning experience.

Media and Arts for Peacebuilding and Security

Instructor: Lindsey Doyle

This interactive 90-minute workshop taught by one of the co-founders of MAP - a talent agency representing top artists from conflict zones and diasporas - will introduce why media and the arts are effective tools of political and social change, and how participants can begin to assess how they're used internationally to reduce injustice and build peace.

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