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About SPI

You can’t change your world alone!

  • The world bends towards justice… if we make justice a priority.
  • Peace is possible… when communities take peaceful action.
  • Social change is achievable… if we work together.

Small groups in every society are building a world organized around principles of justice, equity, human dignity, right relationship with our planet, and peace. The work looks different in each context and we don’t always use the same language to describe it.

Summer Peacebuilding Institute is built around the belief that those working to bring about positive social change need to:

  • Learn from each other,
  • Enhance their understanding of problems and possibilities,
  • Increase their practical skills for promoting change,
  • Take time for rest, reflection, and renewal.

At SPI we support these needs by providing courses that:

  • Can be taken for credit or training,
  • Are taught by academically credentialed practitioners,
  • Encourage participants to share their wisdom and knowledge,
  • Link better understanding of problems with practical skills for changing them.

We also support self-care and respite in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley through group meals, hiking, sporting activities, theater and musical performances, and various other extracurricular activities.

Only one course may be taken per session. All courses can be taken for training and skills enhancement or academic credit. Session 1 and 2 courses may be taken for two or three academic credits. Session 3 and 4 courses may be taken for two academic credits. Contact SPI for more information.

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