Graduate Program Tuition and Financial Aid

2023-24 Seminary Programs

Seminary Tuition Charges
Tuition per credit hour
Audit-participation (per hour)
Activity fee: 1-8 credit hours (charge per credit hour, non-refundable)
Activity fee: 9+ credit hours (flat fee, non-refundable)
General services fee: 1-8 credit hours (charge per credit hour, non-refundable)
General services fee: 9+ credit hours (flat fee, non-refundable)

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)
CPE Tuition (per hour)
CPE Non-credit Fee (per hour)

Other Charges
Student health insurance (International & full-time students only)
$4,366 Aprox
Graduation fee (one-year certificate)
Graduation fee (seminary degrees)
Final Exam taken out of schedule

Any course you take from another program will be invoiced at the rate of your enrolled program.

Published charge rates may be adjusted for changes in economic conditions and cost factors. This list continues on the General Charges and Payment Information page.

Financial Aid

Many seminary students receive financial assistance. We are fortunate to have a community of supporters who believe in the impact of an EMS education and who have given generously to offer financial aid and scholarships to help degree-seeking students.  EMS has scholarships that can cover up to 100% off the cost of tuition.

A financial aid guide is provided to students at the time they receive admission to EMS. You will be notified of your scholarship award at the time of your admission offer. This guide will help you navigate your options, and the processes associated with securing the financial support you need.  

Grants and Scholarships

Grants and scholarships are contingent on availability of funds and qualified students. 

Generous scholarships of up to 100% of tuition are awarded on the basis of academic excellence, ministry service and leadership potential, and financial need. Scholarships are extended to qualified students who are enrolled in a degree program at least part-time, taking 5 or more credits each during fall and spring semesters. Financial aid packages may include scholarship and/or grant awards from the seminary.

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