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Interested students, faculty, & staff of EMU , neighboring academic institutions including high schools and colleges, as well as community persons interested in a science & faith dialogue are invited to become members and to participate fully in the activities of SASS.

SASS members receive and contribute in the following ways:

  • Are recognized as promoting dialogue between science and Christian faith
  • Participate in the interchange of ideas and insights of theology and science
  • Receive the SASS Newsletter
  • Freely attend the SASS forums, luncheons, and book studies
  • Obtain discounts on the cost of field trips, study books, and meals.

Membership is available on two levels:

  1. Student membership ($5/year)
  2. Professional membership ($10/year)
  3. Lifetime ($100)

A yearly membership term extends from September 1 through the following August 30. Individuals are encouraged to enroll as members for multiple years at this time. The membership form can be filled out and mailed to our secretary along with the requisite fee.

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