Strategic Plan 2023-2028 

Pathways of Promise:

Preparing Tomorrow’s Unifying Leaders

This is our time to open new pathways of access, achievement, action and alignment for all in our campus community who aspire to be unifying leaders. This is our moment to position EMU as a premier faith-inspired peace and justice university in the spirit of our university’s guiding verse, Micah 6:8: “to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.” This is our challenge: to make a radical difference in educating more “bridge-builders” in our world today. 

Pathways of Promise

A four-part Access, Achievement, Action and Alignment plan establishes the strategic “roadmap.” The first three pathways are designed to attract, nurture and equip EMU students. The fourth pathway is designed to support EMU employees. Taken together, the four pathways aim to create thriving, unifying leaders of today and tomorrow as our people serve with distinction in their work, community and places of worship.


Expanding our reach, increasing enrollment. We will increase our visibility and make it easier, more affordable and more attractive for students to join our diverse community of learners.

As a peace and justice university, we aim to alleviate systemic barriers (economic, cultural, religious, geographic, etc.) so that more students can participate in our transformational educational experience. Our faith-inspired academic culture is grounded in a sacred premise: all students are viewed as gifted people created and loved by God.     


Aspiring to inclusive community, promoting student success. We will co-create an inclusive community of learning that equitably supports students in achieving their goals.

As a small liberal arts university, we walk alongside our students as they integrate academic rigor, artistic creation and reflective practice to engage the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges of our time. Additionally, we assist students in discovering how they belong and thrive in a diverse, equitable and inclusive community of learners.


Graduating Anabaptist-inspired agents of change. We will amplify the ways in which our values and programs equip our students as unifying leaders and agents of change, prepared for lives of collaborative positive impact.

As an Anabaptist university, we aim to graduate bridge-builders who are interculturally competent and follow Jesus’ call to bear witness to truth, serve with compassion and walk boldly in the ways of justice of peace. 


Investing in people, facilities and financial sustainability. We will invest in a transformed organization and inclusive university culture that equips our people and aligns programs, resources, structures and partnerships in support of our student-centered goals.

As a community of learners, we seek relational, collaborative and restorative approaches to teaching and learning. We strive to use God’s gifts wisely and generously, emphasizing well-being and supporting policies that enable students and employees to live balanced lives.

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