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Marketing & Communications

Our Location

The marketing and communications office is located in Campus Center 221 (see map).

Contact Us

Jessica Hostetler, Project and Office Coordinator 540-432-4056

News, publications, events, social media

Lauren Jefferson, EMU Editor-In-Chief 540-432-4234
540-820-3918 (cell)

Mia Kilvighan, Media Relations Manager 540-432-4211
540-255-7979 (cell)

Web development, analytics, and email campaigns

Joshua Lyons, Front-End Web Developer & Analyst 540-432-4198

Laura Lehman, Web Project Manager & Strategist 540-432-4268

Brand id, design, photography and videography

Andrew Strack, Media Specialist: Photography and Video Manager 540-432-4634

Jon Styer, Media Specialist: Brand Id Manager 540-432-4624

Macson McGuigan, Photographer and videographer 540-432-4012