MA in Education: Curriculum & Instruction

This component of EMU’s MA in education program provides a course of study for elementary, middle or high school practitioners to enhance existing skills and meet the challenges found in today’s schools.

Emphasis is placed upon adapting and designing curriculum for diverse populations, designing integrated interdisciplinary instruction, upgrading professional knowledge in recent research in current issues, teaming with school and community professionals and enhancing specific professional and concentration area competencies.

Participants may choose one of three routes toward completion of this concentration area:

  1. elementary school emphasis
  2. middle school emphasis
  3. high school emphasis

NOTE: Course requirements may change as the program evolves. Candidates are accountable for completing the program of study listed in the catalog for the year in which they entered the program.

Learn more about the core curriculum of EMU’s master of arts in education.

Curriculum & Instruction Curriculum and Course Plan

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