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BSN Online

BSN Program Basics…

Our online BSN is specifically designed for busy, working RN’s. Our 43 credit hour program lasts approximately 20 months, with classes running year-round. You will be part of a “cohort” of professional BSN tudents who will travel through the program together from start to finish. This has the added benefit of providing an online solid, social support system made up of classmates, faculty, and administration.

To qualify, you must possess an active RN license, a minimum 2.0 GPA, and work experience as an RN.

Tuition rates are affordable ($427 per credit hour) and many financial assistance options are available.

Upcoming cohorts:

  • Classes start on Tuesday, August 30

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Learning

EMU’s major in professional nursing leads to a BSN and concentrates on nursing theory, evidence-based practice, policy, management, and family and community health issues. We value the many years of nursing experience you bring into the online classroom, and this will be the primary driving force behind everything you will learn over the course of our program. Think of it: a cohort of experienced, professional nurses coming together each week for the common purpose of sharing their experiences and furthering their knowledge. No two cohorts are ever the same, but you will undoubtedly benefit from the collective experience of nearly two dozen practicing nurses in conjunction with a passionate and knowledgeable faculty.

Our interdisciplinary program breaks down barriers and takes a systems approach to the problems, principles, and practices of today’s complex healthcare system, incorporating conceptual and theoretical knowledge with an understanding of the complex cultural environment.

The evidence-based practice project addresses a problem you have noticed as you practice nursing. Once you have read and analyzed the research, you develop possible solutions to the problem. This benefits you, your patients, and your institution.

What to expect:


EMU employs technological solutions for online learning that are both familiar and accessible to BSN students. User experience for the online learning management system, Moodle, is familiar due to the use of simple web style navigation and the system’s scalability to all leading operating systems and smart devices.

The use of Google Apps for Higher Education provides students with tools that are similar to the home version, while providing government-level security to protect the student’s identity. The skills learned—collaboration, scheduling, file management, document creation, media creation, and embedding—through the use of Google Apps are transferable to the home version available to the general public.


EMU’s online learning environment encourages community through student and faculty interaction. The online courses at EMU are facilitated by faculty who are knowledgeable in their field and who are able to readily support students in the assigned activities. Weekly activities require students to be present throughout the week in an asynchronous environment where they will interact through discussion forums, journal exercises, collaborative projects, and multimedia presentations. Most online classes do not require a set time each week for live meetings, though there may be weekly project deadlines that require timely responses or interaction.


Online BSN courses, while more demanding than traditional on-site courses, offer the flexibility of working at the time and place that work best for you. EMU’s online courses embody this flexibility while retaining a weekly structure that encourages interaction between faculty and students, strengthening the sense of community.


The faculty and staff at EMU provide the support that helps you to succeed and achieve your educational goals. Our academic advisors can help you select the courses that fit your interests and needs as well as offer time management suggestions to help you become a self-determined learner. Students also have access to technical support, writing tutors, library resources, and disability resources.

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EMU nursing programs are accredited by CCNE

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