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When are your standard terms and available starting points?

We operate on traditional semesters of Fall (Aug), Spring (Jan) and Summer (May). Each semester is 15-weeks, but not all courses are semester-length formats. Some are 8- or 10-week accelerated formats. Students can enroll at the start of any semester.

Do I have to apply for admission to take a course?

No, students can take up to nine credits without admission to a program. We call these students “non-degree.” You do not need to apply for admission, but you do need to submit an application so that we have the necessary information to create a student network account. Simply complete an application and select Non-Degree: Graduate Teacher Course in the “Intended Program of Study” section.

Do I have to pay for my class up front?

No, students may set up an interest-free payment plan which divides the total tuition into equal payments across the duration of the semester. See this page for more information.

How do Pennsylvania teachers get Act 48 credit for their course?

If you have provided your PPID to us, we will submit your course credit to PDE automatically at the end of every semester. Note: if your course ends earlier than the end of the semester, please be patient as all courses are submitted at one time.

If I have graduate level courses from another school, will the credits transfer?

We may accept transfer credit to count toward a degree or certificate. Simply submit an official transcript for evaluation. We may also ask for course descriptions or other information, but a transcript is a good way to start.

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