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Student Employment
Frequently Asked Questions

What does work-study mean?

Work-study is a federally-based financial aid program. In order to qualify for work-study, students must complete the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) and demonstrate financial need.

Do I have to work, or will I simply receive a check for my work-study?

Work-study resources must be earned, you will not automatically receive a check for the awarded amount.

Because I have been awarded work-study, am I guaranteed work-study employment?

No, It is your responsibility to find work-study positions, contact employers, as well as arrange and prepare for interviews in order to receive a work-study job.

How many hours should I work?

Most students work an average of 6 hours per week. Students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week.

Can I have more than one work-study position?

No, students may not hold more than one work-study job.

Does my paycheck go directly to my student account?

No, checks go directly to you and it is up to you to apply the work-study earnings to your student account.

Does EMU participate in direct deposit?

Yes, direct deposit is available for all work study students. You can find the form on our student employment page.

Will I be paid minimum wage or more for any job that I accept?

Yes, all positions pay $9.50 per hour.

Will I be expected to repay my work-study award to the Federal Government?

No, the only type of financial aid that has to be repaid is loans.

Can I be hired as a work-study student without a work-study award?

No, students have to demonstrate financial need and, as a result, be awarded a work-study award as part of their Financial Aid package.

Can my temporary position at the mall be converted into work-study?

No, work-study is for approved non-profit agencies only.

What happens if I earn all my work-study award before the end of an academic period?

You cannot exceed your award amount. Once you have reached your maximum award, you must stop working as a work-study student.

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Please contact the financial assistance office if you have additional questions.

Phone: 800-330-9683 or 540-432-4137
Fax: 540-432-4081

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