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Facilities Management

Vehicle Fleet Use and Policy Guide

Vehicle Rental Request

The Facilities Management Office is responsible for all EMU fleet vehicles. Fleet vehicles are available for university business and approved university-related activities.

To become an eligible driver, complete these forms:

Authorization to Obtain Motor Vehicle Record Form
Driver Qualification Form

Submit the forms along with a copy of a current driver’s license to the Facilities Management Office between the hours of 9 a.m.- 12 p.m. and 1- 4 p.m., Monday-Friday.

Requirements to drive:

Drivers of cars and mini-vans must hold a valid U.S. driver’s license, be at least 19 years old and have two years (regular daily) driving experience.

Drivers for 12-passenger vans must hold a valid U.S. driver’s license, be at least 25 years old and have five years (almost daily) driving experience (or have a CDL) and must complete van driving training by Facilities Management’s Fleet and Equipment Coordinator.

The university and/or its insurance carrier will determine who is approved to drive university vehicles.

Reservations and Use of Fleet Vehicles

Reservations for vehicle-use should be made well in advance to ensure efficient scheduling. The following information is requested for reservations:

  • Name of driver
  • Authorizing department
  • Account number
  • Departure and return times and dates
  • Destination
  • Size of vehicle desired

Fleet vehicle user responsibilities:

  • Pick up and return vehicles at reservation times
  • Wear seat belts and observe all traffic regulations (any infractions and subsequent fine payments are the responsibility of the user)
  • Report any problems with the vehicle to the Facilities Management Office as soon as possible
  • Report all accidents immediately
  • Return vehicle with interior in clean condition
  • If office is closed, return keys in the deposit slot in the door of the Facilities Management Office
  • Return vehicle with a full tank of gas to the Facilities Management lot

Driver Responsibilities

1. Drive Alert!

It is important that all university drivers have knowledge of safe practices and are alert at all times behind the wheel:

  • Do not attempt to drive if you need to sleep
  • Do not drive when taking medications or any substance that may impair driving ability
  • Do not attempt to consume a meal while operating the vehicle (small snacks and beverages are permissible)
  • Constantly monitor changing conditions in the highway, traffic, and weather
  • Standards for Operation of EMU Vehicles prohibit use of electronic devices (including cellular phones) while operating an EMU-owned vehicle

2. Drive Defensively!

There are three basic techniques that are vital for the defensive driver:

  • Recognition of the hazard- A hazard may be caused by another vehicle, may be mechanical in nature, or caused by existing road conditions
  • Understanding the defense- The most basic driving defenses are proper speed, following distance, and driver alertness
  • Acting in Time- If the hazard is recognized and the proper defensive course of action known, then steps can be taken to prevent emergency situations from arising

3. Drive Responsibly!

The driver is the first line of defense against vehicular accidents. Drivers should:

  • Obey all laws and safety rules. Fines for moving violations and parking infractions are the responsibility of the driver
  • Assume a safety-conscious attitude for all occupants of the vehicle
  • Ensure that driver and all passengers use seat belts
  • Observe common courtesy toward all other drivers and pedestrians
  • Remember that the operator’s driving actions reflect on the university
  • Check to see that all personal belongings and trash are removed from the vehicle

4. For Van Drivers:

  • Allow no roof-loading
  • Ensure that driver and all passengers use seat belts

Gas Purchases

The Wright Express Card (which must be kept with the vehicle) is widely accepted by many different merchants.

  • Each vehicle is issued a Wright Express Card carrying the ID number of that vehicle
  • Cards can only be used for the vehicle to which they are assigned
  • Cards may be used only for fuel and lubricants (no food)

Typically, you should be able to use the card to pay at the pump. A pin number will be provided when the vehicle keys are picked up at the Facilities Management Office. After the card is swiped at the pump, the pin number and the vehicle mileage will be required. If there is difficulty with the card, take the card to the cashier for entry or use an EMU corporate card. If a corporate card is used, a copy of the receipt must be furnished to the Facilities Management Office.

Rates and Usage Fees

Departments will be charged the following rates for fleet vehicle use:

  • All cars: $20 per day + $.20 a mile
  • Mini-van (7 passenger): $.57 per mile with a minimum charge of $20.52 for 36 miles
  • Van (12-passenger): $.85 per mile with a minimum charge of $23.80 for 28 miles

Because of heavy scheduling, a $25 usage fee may be charged in addition to regular mileage charge if the vehicle is not returned at the scheduled time.

In Case of Emergency

Call the Facilities Management Office at (540) 432-4390. After hours, call Henry Bowser at 540-432-4389 (this is a 24-hour number/leave a message) or Ed Lehman – (cell) 540-578-2363.

For roadside service call: 1-888-WEX-TOWS or 1-888-936-8697 (EMU’s credit card company, Wright Express) who will offer assistance. Use your Wright Express card to pay for the service.

Your cooperation in responsible-use of EMU fleet vehicles is appreciated.

Updated 1/17