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Diversity and Inclusion at EMU

'This I Believe'... by EMU students

Students in professor Melody Pannell's fall 2017 Race and Gender class wrote "This I Believe" statements (modeled on the National Public Radio essay project).  Listen to "Caged Bird" written by Maleke “Meechy Jay” Jones as an assignment for the class.

Statements From:
  • Sammy Thomas
  • Da’Jahnea Robinson
  • Amanda Williams
  • Sarah Regan
  • Alexander Navari

"I believe in equality for everyone. It starts with us. No more stereotypes and assumptions of people and races we simply do not know. If we simply treat everyone equally, then hopefully people will pick up on the trend and do the same."

Sammy Thomas - Owings, Maryland, Recreational Leadership & Sports Studies

"I believe in change. I believe in hope. I believe that the underdog can win.... But most importantly, I believe that this world is messed up and that one day, it will be made right again by the one true creator."

Da’Jahnea Robinson - Waynesboro, Virginia, Psychology

"I believe this world is in a state of confusion and disorder, with chaos abounding where inequalities are most prevalent. I believe that the world’s present state of disarray, hate and hopelessness can be overcome through the culmination of empathy’s roots – love, hope, acceptance and support. Through the consideration of other people, we'll finally see the peace and love we deeply yearn for."

Amanda Williams - Millsboro, Delaware, Biology/Environmental Sustainability

"I believe that the only place that anyone will ever ‘not belong’ is isolation. Not one person in this world deserves the right to live more than another. Not one person deserves more opportunities, love and care than another. With our strengths and our weaknesses, the colors of our skin, our many beliefs and our many customs – In the name of Christ, we all belong."

Sarah Regan - Sugarcreek, Ohio, Social Work

"Remember that change can happen if we fight for it. We are all together on this earth so let’s all work together to build a better life and future for the next generations."

Alexander Navari - Hyattsville, Maryland, Environmental Sustainability

"This I believe / That every person in the world / Deserves the freedom of speech / Even the oppressed, impoverished, and / Those who claim insanity / Assimilation is oppression / Of this I believe...."

Cerrie Mendoza - El Paso, Texas, Environmental Sustainability

"I believe power can be reaped from pain.... Incredible things can happen when you believe you are enough. In the words of Nicki Minaj, ‘Sometimes you gotta be the beauty and the beast.’ I believe that."

Jemma Hedrick - Hinton, Virginia, Liberal Arts

"I believe we all have the potential to be good, to be knowledgeable and reject ignorance, we all have the potential to be kind. I do believe, however, that it takes hard work, humility, and commitment to get there."

Fabiana Espinal - Harrisonburg, Virginia, Liberal Arts

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