Jim Ryun Running Camp

“Every year we host multiple running camps across the nation and without a doubt, Eastern Mennonite is one of our favorite places to have the Jim Ryun Running Camp. Not only are the facilities top notch, the staff is incredibly attentive and accommodating, going above and beyond any other conference services staff we have ever worked with. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found such an amazing location to have our camp.

Drew Ryun
Camp Director

Taiwanese Presbyterian Church of Washington

Our church, TPC of Washington, held its 2014 retreat at the EMU campus for the first time; we were very pleased and thankful of the services and accommodations provided by EMU. We were impressed by the dedication and professionalism of its staff from the beginning to end. Throughout the planning stage, the EMU staff actively engaged in resolving the programming, scheduling and facilities needs changes that arose, and patiently waited for the decisions to be reached by our church to finalize on all events and facility reservations. The staff was clear on the insurance and financial obligations of our church from the beginning. EMU also provided us with a personal program assistant to help with any issues or requests that might come up during the event. Because of that, even though the retreat was held in a weekend during the summer break when other offices were closed, we were able to resolve last minute facilities and equipment issues without too much delays. The EMU residential facilities we stayed in were new, clean, well designed and close to the conference area. The meal services were efficient, on time, delicious and plentiful. There were also some selections of the meal plans to choose from. Overall speaking, it was a pleasant experience for us and we look forward to coming back in the future.

Ken Hsu

Apostolic Christian Church, Eastern Camp

On behalf of the Apostolic Christian Church, Eastern Camp, I want to say that the last nine years at EMUhave been some of our best Bible Conferences ever. Our church has been having conferences since 1947 in various locations on the Eastern seaboard. Since coming to EMU in 2000 we and our attendees have experienced many blessings: the facility is beautiful and well-maintained, and the cooperation with the staff is priceless.

Interacting with the EMU Conference Staff for these nine years has been a privilege and a highlight of my life. Working with fellow-believers is truly a blessing. Knowing that we are on the same spiritual plane with the shared goal of serving our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through all we do is truly wonderful. All those we have met and worked with at EMU enrich our lives. Without exception they are such warm, helpful, thankful and hard-working people that we and our attendees look forward each year to seeing them all again.

With love and gratitude,

Elsa Reinhardt
Coordinator & Registrar
Apostolic Christian Church, Eastern Camp

LIFT Student Ministries

EMU has met LIFT Student Ministries Virginia conference needs for eight summers. Over the years, the conference and event staff has provided us with friendly and efficient customer service and their facilities have afforded us all of the amenities that are needed to manage our event successfully. If you are in the market for a location for your next event, EMU may be the solution you are looking for. We believe that you will find the customer service, facilities, and location to be a winning combination for your conference needs.

Karen Fox, Director of Operations
LIFT Student Ministries

Focolare Mariapolis

In the midst of the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, EMU has provided us with the perfect setting for our annual Mariapolis gathering which wants to show how the world would be if we all love another. For over ten years we have been at EMU and our experience has always been of being welcomed with open arms. It is not easy to find a conducive atmosphere that could host people of all walks of life and ages. Families with children, are particularly at “home” at EMU.
Our experience has been of constant success and improvement in each Mariapolis. This would not have been possible without the help of the Auxiliary Services’ Staff. They accompanied us in every step of the planning and logistics. No problem has been too big and they have always provided us with creative solutions. Their generosity in time and ideas are part of our success. It is not a joke when I say that their office is were miracles happen. When last year we decided to change the format of the Mariapolis, it meant to change everything that was “successful and tested”. Talking with Cheryl and Lynn about our vision for the new format was fundamental to the success of the event. We were encouraged to take the plunge into this new format, thanks in part to their flexibility and capable advice on space that would serve each particular activity. They provided us with many ideas that enriched our program.
Since it is hard to find places that welcome children of all ages, EMU is particularly suited for hosting gatherings that include whole families. This openness and generosity of the EMU staff help make each Mariapolis a “family reunion”. THANK YOU!

Lucia Martinez

Blue Ridge Running Camp

Blue Ridge Running Camp has been coming to Eastern Mennonite for the past two decades. Harrisonburg, VA has been a perfect location for our camp. There are great locations in the area to take the athletes for runs. EMU also provides us access to their facilities while we are on campus for additional training and helps secure sites off campus for us.
The Auxiliary Staff has been amazing to work with each year. Besides the friendly atmosphere, we have always been provided with the amenities necessary while on campus to make the camp a positive experience for our 500 athletes, coaches, and guests.
I would strongly recommend EMU to any organization looking for a great location for an event.

Dave Davis
Blue Ridge Running Camp

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