Monti Datta

Monti Datta

Dr. Monti Narayan Datta is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Richmond, where he teaches classes on international relations, social science research methods, world-public opinion, and human rights & modern slavery. In 2013, Monti helped develop the Global Slavery Index, which assesses the prevalence of human trafficking across the world. In addition to publishing several academic articles on human trafficking with Kevin Bales, Monti has consulted with anti-human trafficking organizations in the United States, Australia, and Thailand. Some of his current research explores the relationship between slavery and conflict and when countries might use slavery for strategic and tactical purposes during wartime. Monti is also curious about anti-Americanism and is the author of Anti-Americanism and World Opinion: Consequences for the U.S. National Interest. He is now developing a study on how anti-Americanism might grow during and after the Trump presidency.

An avid traveler, Monti taught English in South Korea for two years and in Japan for one year after college. He recently returned from a year-long sabbatical in Thailand, where he was researching the nature and impact of human trafficking in Southeast Asia. In his spare time, Monti enjoys studying tai-chi, practicing meditation, and seeing sci-fi movies. He also volunteers at the Richmond City Jail, giving guest lectures on current events. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Monti has a BA in English literature from UC Berkeley, an MPP from Georgetown, and a PhD in political science from UC Davis.

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