STAR Level II: Practice, application, reflection and connection (640)

Katie Mansfield and Johonna Turner

During STAR Level II participants are invited to:

  • Share STAR experiences from your context with each other.
  • Review the core concepts of STAR and the 3-part STAR snail model, using Village STAR, a practical and simply illustrated manual.
  • Practice exercises and skills that promote healing and build resilience.
  • Plan and receive feedback on how you will engage STAR concepts and tools.
  • Reflect on your own position, power, and challenges as a STAR practitioner.
  • Envision and understand how to shape structural and organizational change toward trauma-informed, resilient organizations and communities.

The Level II training includes additional content, exercises, and skills for addressing trauma and building resilience to deepen the experiences from STAR I. Participants will create and present action plans about how they will adapt and apply STAR concepts and pedagogy within their work and life contexts. Upon completing STAR II, participants are invited to join the STAR online learning community, a group of STAR Practitioners working in a variety of contexts, sharing their questions, learnings, and experiences.

Participants must have applied STAR concepts personally or professionally since completion of STAR Level I training (normally for a period of about 3-6 months).