Sexual Harms: Changing the Narrative

Carolyn Stauffer 

This course is a laboratory for you to generate the skills and practices necessary for creating environments free from sexual harms. This involves learning how to respond effectively, work to repair harms done, and create platforms for proactive policies and preventative education. Together we will generate key strategies for fostering safety and dismantling hierarchies that set the stage for sexualized abuses of power. Another world is possible and in this course we will co-create a roadmap for transforming the hearts of individuals and the policies of nations.

Worldwide there is a growing consensus that the topic of sexual violence is quickly moving from invisible peripheries to conspicuous center stage. This shift requires leaders to step up in proactive ways and offers a unique opportunity to integrate peacebuilding perspectives into the ongoing work of anti-sexual violence advocates. This work is grounded in an intersectional approach that emphasizes how unequal personal and structural power heightens the risk of sexual violence and critically shapes its outcomes.

For higher education professionals, this course focuses on creating a climate and culture that prevents Title IX violations. Also, see other courses relevant to higher education

This course is being offered for training and for academic credit. The syllabus details the number of credits hours and associated course requirements.