Singing to the Lions: Helping Children Respond Effectively to Violence and Abuse

Lucy Steinitz 

How can we help children and young adults – and even ourselves – who have experienced violence and fear in their daily lives? One answer that is both engaging and effective is to become trained in the Singing to the Lions workshop program, developed in Zimbabwe and adapted and implemented across four continents, including North America.

Singing to the Lions is based on principles of psychosocial resilience, cognitive psychology, and narrative therapy, but geared for paraprofessionals for implementation in schools, shelters, churches, refugee centers, and other community settings. In this course, we will learn the underlying philosophy, approach, and content of Singing to the Lions by experiencing the activities – the games, discussions, simple artwork and exercises – ourselves. With the guidance of Singing to the Lion’s co-author and master facilitator (who teaches this course), participants will co-lead the workshop and discuss how it can be adapted to different cultural settings. (Singing to the Lions has already been adapted and translated into French and Spanish, with Arabic and Hindi in process.) Evaluation guidelines and support-materials are included. We promise learning, insight, and fun - no prior experience necessary.

 For more information, see: Singing to the Lions.


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