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Graduate Programs and Academic Credit
  • Master of Arts in Conflict Transformation
  • Master of Arts in Restorative Justice
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Low-residency options
Professional training

More questions about our programs?

  • The Summer Peacebuilding Institute is a great entry point to explore the peacebuilding and restorative justice fields through short-term, intensive courses with a broad menu of topics and offerings. Courses are available for academic credit or training. It is also possible to take courses for academic credit to apply towards another program and not a graduate program at CJP or EMU. If interested in attending SPI for professional training or for academic credit but not towards a degree at CJP, then please apply using the SPI application.
  • If you are considering a graduate program at CJP at some point in the future, but not sure which or when, we recommend applying directly to the graduate program from the beginning, even if you are considering a low-residency or part-time basis through SPI. This simplifies the registration process for you and gets you connected with an advisor and our registrar for course planning and registration.
  • We understand that you may change your mind about enrolling in the graduate program and therefore would need to switch from academic credit to training. It is easy to switch from graduate credit to training, but must be done by June 30 of the current summer term.
  • Alternately, if you are in SPI and wish to switch from training to graduate credit, again this change must happen before June 30 of the current summer term. Please contact the CJP Registrar at for more information.
  • Read our frequently asked questions.