Church Relations

Resources for Pastors and Church Ministry Staff

  • School for Leadership TrainingSchool for Leadership Training  EMS hosts this annual training opportunity comprised of worship, preaching, workshops and many opportunities for connections with other pastors.
  • Distance Learning Program: – The primary purpose for this program is to broaden access to ministerial training by offering courses for persons at a distance from seminaries and conference-operated centers. Course offerings: will meet typical requirements of a theological education degree and range across the fields of Bible, history, theology and practice of ministry.
  • EMU at Lancaster (Pa.) Programs – This site is located within the Greenfield Corporate Park in Lancaster, Pa. Seminary and other ministry courses are available.
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)  CPE is professional education for ministry which utilizes a clinical method of learning. Disciplined reflection on the practice of ministry in the context of a peer group and individual supervision is central to the learning process.
  • United Methodist Connection  EMS shares a special relationship with The United Methodist Church in theological education, having been approved by the church’s University Senate for the training of candidates for ordination. A significant number of United Methodist students are enrolled at EMS and will seek to be ordained.