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Church Relations

Resources for Pastors and Church Ministry Staff

  • School for Leadership TrainingSchool for Leadership Training  EMS hosts this annual training opportunity comprised of worship, preaching, workshops and many opportunities for connections with other pastors.
  • Distance Learning Program: – The primary purpose for this program is to broaden access to ministerial training by offering courses for persons at a distance from seminaries and conference-operated centers. Course offerings: will meet typical requirements of a theological education degree and range across the fields of Bible, history, theology and practice of ministry.
  • EMU at Lancaster (Pa.) Programs – This site is located within the Greenfield Corporate Park in Lancaster, Pa. Seminary and other ministry courses are available.
  • The Preaching InstituteThe Preaching Institute – This institute provides continuing education for congregational leaders, particularly pastors. Its goal is to provide high quality in-service training for leaders who desire to improve their preaching skills. The primary participants of the Institute are pastors and congregations that lie within the constituency area served by the seminary.
  • Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE)  CPE is professional education for ministry which utilizes a clinical method of learning. Disciplined reflection on the practice of ministry in the context of a peer group and individual supervision is central to the learning process.
  • United Methodist Connection  EMS shares a special relationship with The United Methodist Church in theological education, having been approved by the church’s University Senate for the training of candidates for ordination. A significant number of United Methodist students are enrolled at EMS and will seek to be ordained.