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Church Relations

Faculty and Staff Speakers

Many of the university and seminary faculty and staff are available to preach or lead Sunday School and other workshop sessions in your congregation or conference.

Topics of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • biblical foundations
  • Anabaptist perspectives
  • spiritual direction
  • Christian education
  • and the missional church.

Please contact our office for more information on scheduling a speaker:

Linford and Janet Stutzman – For 18 months the Stutzmans lived aboard their sailboat “SailingActs” sailing the sea routes and retracing the land routes of Paul, visiting every site mentioned in the book of Acts connected with Paul. Linford is also willing to speak on Paul, Acts, The Mediterranean, Mission, Globalization, among others

Ted Grimsrud – Ted has particular interest in biblical teaching on peace. He has preached on Old Testament themes related to peace, the message of Jesus, the concerns of Paul, and (especially) the Book of Revelation as peace literature. He has written one book on Revelation and is currently working on another — both of which seek to speak to a general audience. He also recently completed a series of 13 sermons on core theological convictions that he is in the process of turning into a book called Theology in the Light of Jesus

Nancy Heisey – Nancy has these areas of interest that she can teach/preach/speak on: Being part of the global Mennonite family/community of faith; Reflections from Mennonite World Conference; Specific Bible studies from the gospels and the letters of Paul; Understanding how we got our Bible (history of the Bible); Dealing with new discoveries from the ancient world (Christians and the Dead Seas Scrolls, Da Vinci Code claims, Gospel of Judas and other gnostic works, etc.).

Gerald Brunk – An Impersonation of Menno Simons: “My Road to Decision” and An Impersonation of Henry G. Brunk: “My Experience as a Fugitive Conscientious Objector”

Dave King – The Integration of Faith & Athletics, The Impact of Youth Sports on Families & Congregations, Balancing Family, Sports & Church, Sports: Our latest Addiction