Bible, Religion, and Theology (18 semester hours)

The minor in Bible, religion, and theology is designed for persons of any major who seek the enrichment of biblical, theological, religious, and philosophical studies in the integration of their profession with faith. Students will take 18 semester hours from courses listed under the Bible, Religion and Theology Program (not to include Anabaptist Biblical Perspectives courses). At least 12 semester hours of the courses for this minor must be 300- or 400-level courses. See these course codes in the catalog for appropriate courses: BIST, CHST, PHIL, REL, THEO.

Philosophy and Theology (18 semester hours)

The Philosophy and theology minor is of interest to students who wish to pursue disciplined reflection about any subject area or career interest. It provides opportunities for critical thinking and building a solid intellectual foundation for faith and life. This minor offers a valuable credential for students interested in pursuing law or any other post-graduate degree. See these course codes in the catalog for appropriate courses: BIST, CHST, PHIL, REL, THEO.

Religious and Intercultural Studies (18 semester hours)

The minor in Religious and Intercultural Studies consists of 18 semester hours which will complement other Bible, religion, and theology majors or students interested in intercultural ministry in fields such as business, education, nursing, peacebuilding and development, or social work. It offers two tracks: Religion, which focuses on deepening understanding of religion and how Christian witness is carried out in a variety of religious settings, and Theology, which strengthens understanding of the biblical and theological foundations for Christian witness. Both tracks emphasize Anabaptist understandings of peace as central to intercultural ministry. See these course codes in the catalog for appropriate courses: BIST, CHST, PHIL, REL, THEO.

Interfaith Studies (18 semester hours)

The Interfaith Studies minor will provide students with an opportunity to not only understand major faith traditions but wrestle with questions of how to relate across faith differences. Both the current political and social landscape as well as EMU’s position on that landscape creates a new relevance for an interfaith studies minor. And with increasing faith diversity on campus, faculty who engage faith and relate across faith difference, and the presence of the Center for Interfaith Engagement, EMU is well placed to offer a minor in interfaith studies.

Youth Ministry (18 semester hours)

The minor in Youth Ministry is designed for persons who choose a major outside the Bible, Religion and Theology Program but who anticipate working with youth-related ministries in congregations or church agencies. See the catalog for details.

Associate in Arts Degree in Bible

This program allows the student to combine the EMU Core with a 30-semester-hour concentration in biblical and church studies. Students complete elective credits as needed to reach the total of 64 semester hours required for the associate in arts degree. See the catalog for details. 

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