Bible and Religion Major

If you feel called to serve others and dig deeper into what it means to be a following of Christ, consider Bible and religion studies at EMU. EMU offers a variety of academic programs that focus on scripture, spiritual formation, and leading a purposeful life as a follower of Jesus. You will graduate prepared for seminary or graduate studies, or serving within churches, hospitals, schools and other leadership roles. 

Our 36 semester hour major gives you flexibility to choose a concentration of your choice. For example you could earn a Bible and religion major with a concentration in Biblical studies, missiology, theology, religious studies or peace studies or you may choose to double major in Bible and religion and combine it with another area of interest. 

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Core Curriculum Semester Hours
BIST 212 The Word Became Book 3
THEO 201 Introduction to Theology 3
CHST 223 Spiritual Formation 3
BIST 323 Biblical Theology of Peace and Justice 3
HUM 490 Capstone 3
HUM 200 Humanities Research and Methods 3

Students are strongly encouraged to work closely with their advisor to design their own concentration in an area of their choosing (for example, Biblical Studies, Missiology, Theology, Religious Studies or Peace Studies)


Electives will be chosen from within the department in order to reach 36 SH. Elective classes may be chosen to reinforce the concentration or to introduce the student to areas outside their concentration.


Bible and Religion Department section of the current undergraduate catalog (pdf)